about puffer jackets

The leather puffer has arrived. Puffer jackets have been through a rollercoaster in women’s fashions terms: out of fashion, chavvy, not so chavvy. With winter round the corner it seems puffer jackets are getting a look-in alongside the usual ladies winter coats at the moment.

Gap has a gorgeous buttery soft puffer in quilted leather. It’s expensive but team it with blue jeans and a cute hat and you are bang in season.

It’s worth mentioning that if it comes with a designer label doesn’t automatically make it worth buying. Rock and Republic do a men’s version and frankly it’s disgusting. Firstly, it looks plastic, secondly it looks stiff and thirdly it looks like a tyre. Not a good look, especially with the added puff for the Michelin look.

However, Ralph Lauren have a lambskin puffer with a faux fur collar. It’s brown, so it immediately looks much nicer and cosier and more expensive than the black. Beware though, if you go hunting for this - and I strongly recommend that you do - you might be tempted to buy everything else on the page, including the handbag and the designer sweater. It’s all sumptuous. However, it comes with a downside, the price tag. It is most certainly not a snip at just over £1500.

The great thing about puffer jackets is they are practical as well as trendy. The ribbed banded hem gives the wearer a snug fit and stops the cold whistling up and the warmth escaping down. For £1500 though, I would expect built in storage heaters.


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