Define Your Body Type for Women Jeans

Knowing your body type can help find ladies jeans that fit you the best. It is rather simple to figure out what type you are and to figure out which type of jeans will look the best on you.

Do you have a full figured body type? The suggested jean for a full figure body type is boot-cut. These have just a slight flare at the bottoms, and usually have a better average fit to them. Instead of being too tight or too loose, they are usually just right. This can help accentuate your full figured body in a great way.

Do you have a more athletic body type ? Do you have muscular thighs with a narrower waist ? The suggested jean for the athletic body type is low-rise. These help show your fit body off. You could even consider wearing skinny jeans if you wanted to bring out your curves.

Do you have more a curvy body type? Many people that think of 'curvy' think of an hourglass figure. This rings true sometimes. If you want to bring out your curves consider wearing skinny or tapered jeans. If you want to hide your curves somewhat, consider boot-cut or flared jeans.

Do you have a slim body type ? A benefit to being slim is the option of more styles to wear and look great in. You can wear almost any type so it really just depends on what look you want to achieve. A slightly flared jean is suggested for slim body types.

Now that you have an idea of what body type you are, you can shop more successfully. You might get lucky and not have to worry about constantly trying jeans on in the store or buying and returning so many online. Knowing your body type is a wonderful benefit.


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