Great Choices When Sending Flowers to a Man

Most modern men's openness to health and beauty regimen makes it acceptable to give them a surprise gift of flowers. It is true that some of them would still be hesitant or ashamed to concede to this notion and practice. Nonetheless, if women can be adequately in touch with their stereotypical masculinity, this will lead to their favorable reception.

The online florist, ProFlowers, provides us a guide on how to give flowers to men based on their personality, preferences, activities, and stature. Based on the surveys they have conducted, some men would still prefer plants to fresh flowers as gifts. If they were to choose from a selection of flowers, it remains explicable why they would not dare to reveal them straightforwardly. In cases like these, it is best to choose a "masculine" monochromatic color. The types of flowers can still be macho enough using robust-like flowers like the sunflower or the bird of paradise.

Educating men on the different meanings and symbolisms of flowers will also influence their subjectivity to being a flower recipient. This will allow them to be more comfortable in creating initial preferences. Subsequently, displaying such gifts would not have to be half-hearted or at worse, rejected. If women, themselves, keep the relevance of flowers in mind, they become aware of what men may appreciate more. Certain flowers can symbolize powerful feelings. For instance, Chrysanthemums represent friendship. Daisies signify loyalty. Red roses stand for romantic love. Yellow roses denote friendship. Alstroemeria indicates devotion. Lastly, Bamboo corresponds to good luck. Such types keep their masculine side undoubtedly stable.

For active lads who love the outdoors, a countrified or natural arrangement may be appealing for him. If he is someone who loves to work using his hands, a bonsai that needs trimming may be suitable for him or even develop his aptitude for gardening or for growing plants.

It is noteworthy that men tend to appreciate receiving flowers just as a woman would on the usual special occasions that involves gift giving. Women must remember those dates when men give presents. These are the same dates when men would gladly appreciate one from them. Still and all, they need to be careful where they send these floral gifts to avoid humiliation and resentment. Whether sent to the office or in their home, an artful display of plants or non-pastel-colored flowers will be an everlasting reminder of women's thoughtfulness.

If men respond to the calls of dandyism, certainly, they will be enamored when assured of his girl's emotional echo through flowery or plant gifts. Women need to communicate their love to the gents, and to enlighten them more about men and the art of giving flowers. Regardless of gender, flowers are a gift of love. Come to ProFlowers where flowers are shipped fresh and even some choice flowers are shipped budding and ready to bloom so they can last their longest. Beloved men, just like women, deserve the freshest of flowers.

by Robert


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