How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Yes its too hard now a days to take care of your hairs from this fast and hectic daily life, but by following some of these tips you can keep your hair healthy and can make it grow faster. Also your hair can get shiner and stronger with these tips.

Stop washing every day
Washing your hair daily or even more often can cause damage. Overwashing dries your hair and makes it more prone to breakage. Both dryness and weakness keep your hair from growing long and strong.

Stop torturing you hair with different product and styling
Your hair is damaged every time you blow dry, curl, perm or color it. Using product that dries the hair only makes this worse. If you cannot imagine not styling your hair, try to take a break at least two days a week. Your hair will thank you for the time away from stress.

Know your hair's strengths and weaknesses
Everyone's hair is different so you need to assess yours before you can begin a course of treatment. Is your hair dry or oily? Do you have split ends or breakage? The best time to check your hair is when it is clean and dry. Take one day to wash your hair--let it air dry without using product. Then at the end of the day, inspect your hair for texture and damage.

Improve your diet, your hairs will improve
One of the first signs of improper diet is limp, dull hair. If your hair grows slow and lacks shine, your diet may be to blame. Eat a balanced diet that includes protein, carbohydrates and lots of green vegetables. Give up the sugar and heavy, greasy fats.

Sunlight is necessary for your hairs
Your hair benefits from regular hot oil treatments and exposure to some sun. Provide heat for a limited amount of time every day to stimulate your scalp and inspire hair growth.

Also cool down
If your tendency is to boil yourself in the shower, you aren't doing your hair any good. When your hair is wet, it is at its weakest and most likely to become damaged. At the end of the shower, rinse your hair in cool water to help shine and growth.

Condition the right way
There is such a thing as too much conditioner. Choose a conditioner that is right for your hair type and don't buy something just because it is on sale. Condition your hair in the shower and let the conditioner sit for a minimum of thirty seconds. If you can, run a wide-tooth comb gently through your hair to distribute the conditioner. Be careful of snags and snarls because you can cause damage if you pull the hair.

Get regular trims and shaping
One of the best ways to encourage hair growth is to get rid of the split ends and damaged parts so get regular trims. When your hair is growing out between styles, it may be tempting to just give up and cut it. Don't. Just have your stylist shape the ends. Lightening up the weight will help the hair grow.

Last but not the least Be Patient
Even healthy hair will not grow noticeably fast. But when you keep your hair healthy and maintained, it will grow faster.


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