There is nothing more attractive then a woman dressed up or casual looking, wearing open toes shoes, or sandals and her feet look clean and maintained. Keeping those soles heavenly are another thing. If you cannot afford to visit your spa monthly do what the rest of the working world does. Do them yourself ! But if you can visit your spa twice a year it really helps. If you can plan a winter Pedicure and a before summer Pedicure at your spa, keeping them maintained in the meantime is simple. Stock up on some products before hand always be prepared.

Foot Scrub

Purchase a good foot scrub. Every Department store carries them and they are made for every type of skin. Soak your feet for a good 10 minutes in warm water then use the foot scrub to exfoliate any dead skin cells. Giving your feet and calf a new smooth layer of clean skin.

Nail File Kit & Cuticle Oil

If you go to a dollar store you can find kits that already have the files and clippers that you need for your Pedicure. Most include scissors and buffers at a great price. Cuticle Oil is not in most stores, but is stocked at most popular spas. After soaking and exfoliating, shape, file and take off any extra cuticle. The hard part is over.

Foot Scrub Brush

The best ones are to get are from the Spas themselves, most are under $20. If that is not your budget Wal-Mart and stores like them carry Foot scrub Brushes for under $10. After filing your toenails, dip your feet back into some clean water or rinse them in the tub using your scrub brush for a nice smooth finish.


Not just any cream. Try a Tea-Tree cream or peppermint cream for stimulation and scent. Dry your feet thoroughly and apply as much cream as you need.

Base-Coat, Polish and Top-Coat

Any brand will do. Make sure you wipe the cream off your toenails or the nail polish will not adhesive or dry on your nail. A base and topcoat is important because it makes your polish last longer and when you have done all this work, polish should be the least of your worries. The longer your feet look good, the less work for you.

Try this every month in between your Spa Pedicures. It leaves you with So Heavenly soles.


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