Some Things You Must Understand About Hair Loss

Hair loss is as natural as the process of hair growth. It actually marks the completion of the hair growth cycle. It is present across gender and age and majority of us don't get bothered by hair loss until we experience it ourselves. However, abnormal rate of hair loss is a bit alarming. So why does this happen? Understanding its nature is crucial in undertaking steps to prevent the onset and aggravation of the condition. Here are some basic things about hair loss that could help you better understand the process.

What qualifies as hair loss ?

10% of hair undergoes a resting period at any given time. During this period, hair growth ceases. After sometime, usually around 2 to 3 months, the hair falls off. Any deviation from this normal rate is considered excessive hair loss. This is marked by constant falling of hair.

What role does nutrition play on hair growth and hair loss ?

General lack of nutrition in the body will most definitely decrease the nutrition supplied to the hair follicles in the scalp. When this happens, the hair becomes frail, unhealthy and more often than not, it dies. Needless to say, nutrients are vital in the sustenance of each hair strand, not only in their capacity to become healthy but also to remain attached to the scalp.

Does stress contribute to hair loss ?

Definitely stress can be in the form of pregnancy, of sickness or just about anything that could produce stressful response like intermittent noise. Stress could trigger hormonal imbalances in the body which could, in effect, acutely alter the chemical balance of the scalp. Under abnormal chemical states, the scalp may shed some of its hairs due to the weakening of the hair follicles. But it is good to note that stress-related hair loss occurs only during severe levels of stress.
Likewise, pressure put against the hair may lead to hair loss especially hairstyles that require pulling the hair such as braiding and banding.

Does styling hurt my hair ?

Of course Perming, straightening, relaxing and rebonding are hair styling treatments that make use of strong chemicals. In most cases, the chemicals used can cause hair breakage and permanent damage. As much as possible refrain from using strong chemicals on the hair. Also, abstain from regular blow-drying and curling as these methods of hairstyling use heat which could cause hair damage.

My dad is balding, does that mean hair loss for me ?

Yes and no. Some people are genetically pre-disposed towards baldness at a certain age. You may inherit this condition from both parents but it is also possible that will not. But if either of your parents are balding, chances are you'll get bald too so it is best to take steps early on.

This can be done by simple preventive measures such as giving more attention to your hair, refraining from use of chemicals and products that could possibly cause hair damage and maintaining proper diet. If you could prevent any unnecessary hair fall now, it is likely that you could delay further hair loss because remember, when the hair falls it would be replaced by a new hair but this time the replacement is much thinner and weaker.

by Joey Steen


PinkLady said…
Rebonding is the process of restructuring the structure of natural hair.If you have curly or wavy hair, this is the fantastic choice of all. If you do rebonding do remember to have frequent hair treatment to avoid hair breaking, bald or bad fall off. :)

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