Straightening Hair Tips

Use a mild shampoo and strong conditioner so that the hair is well protected. You must keep off from any heat -styling tools so as to prevent any damage to the hair. Regular deep conditioning of the hair can give it a healthier bounce and shine. Use good detangling products and wide -toothed comb for the hair after a straightening treatment.

Who want to add a bit of shine - Add a drop of silicone serum and watch the tresses bounce. A little care will go a long way in maintaining the straightened tresses.

If you are using a straightening iron to straighten your hair, use it with care, and use it sparingly. It can be very damaging if used often.

Blow-drying Hair Straight - Always use a protective product when styling your hair straight. Good tools are essential - use a blow-dryer with a strong air flow, not just a very hot one. If blow-drying hair straight regularly, use a treatment, weekly, to prevent your hair from drying out and frazzled ends.

Having your hair colored and using a straightener could result in damage to your hair. It's not that either of these are dangerous or damaging by themselves, but when they are combined, they can be simply too much for your poor old hair to handle.

Try booking a consultation with a straightening specialist and getting an opinion on whether a straightener would work with what is already on your hair. A professional hairdresser will often take what is called a "test strand" (basically a clipping of your hair) and pop it in to a bowl with the chemical straightener to assess its ability to remain in good condition. If the result is that you should not try this on your hair please take this advice.

For a temporary blow out of straight hair, the most effective way for a perfect finish is to apply straightening balm to each section as you go. A large paddle brush will give you poker straight hair, and a round brush will give you a softer curved finish.

With the most hair straightening products on the market today you can't permanently relax or straighten your hair if:

  1. It has been permanently colored/tinted with a high volume strength peroxide or bleached. Even if only a little is left in the ends of your hair you will need to have it cut out first! Semi or non-permanent colors do not affect the ability to straighten hair chemically.
  2. You swim in chlorine water often
  3. You have fine blonde hair. It can be done but can look dry and damaged and frizz easily.
Here are on hair straightening for people with wavy or slightly curly hair that want it straight but still healthy:

  1. Wash with a regular shampoo that will remove buildup or at least prevent it. Use a good conditioner that won't weigh hair down but still will condition it. Once out of the shower, wring hair out until it doesn't drip anymore, then dry as much as possible with a towel.
  2. Apply a little bit of straightening gel before blow drying and in between towel drying.
    Blow dry by taking sections at a time and with a flat brush- it takes a while to master exactly how to straighten accurately but it's worth it.
  3. Use a little bit of gel or cream or something to keep it straight and non-frizzy.
    It should last for about 2 days, depending on temperatures.


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