Tips for clear and smooth skin

It is now more commonly accepted that beautiful skin requires a sensible diet, regular exercise, regular care and - possibly the most important of all - a healthy and positive mental attitude. The mind does seem to play a huge role in determining how our bodies function. A calm, relaxed and positive mental state may be able to greatly promote health and well-being in general.

Use a good sunscreen, avoid excessive exposure to Sun : Sunbathing may be fun for a while, but lots of it can seriously harm the skin. The Sun dehydrates the skin and this may cause wrinkles, dryness and roughness and possibly more - signs of aging. However, sunlight is also a source of vitamin D which is required for metabolism and growth.

Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits, avoid spicy food : Easier said than done :-) Most people would rather eat only spicy food and avoid raw fruits and vegetables.

If you use makeup, remove it before going to bed.

Keep you liver, intestines and kidneys clean and healthy : Your skin, in addition to covering the flesh, also performs the important task of elimination. If the liver, kidneys and intestines are not at their best, then this might mean a lot more load on the skin ... the result may be rashes, acne and more. So, you might want to keep the other eliminative organs in peak shape so that your skin stays clear and smooth. You may want to try a liver cleanse for a few times and see whether your skin gets clearer and smoother.

Visualization : Using visualization to improve your skin may be only rarely discussed, but it might work well nevertheless. Here's what you might want to try for a couple of months at least - as you go to sleep at night, visualize yourself as being very healthy, strong and having extremely beautiful, soft, clear and smooth skin. Feel that it is so. And maintain that delightful feeling as you drift off to sleep. This routine may be extremely powerful if practiced regularly.

Hope you liked these tips for clear and smooth skin :-)


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