What Your Type of Handbag Uncovers

What Your Type Of Handbag Uncovers:

What you take along with you-just in case you might need them-and in what type of handbag you place them can be quite self descriptive.

Activity Handbag:

Taking with you lots of reading material and other things to do, and actually being admired by others for putting every spare moment to a practical use , if the true meaning behind you taking these objects are to take advantage of the time that has been allotted to you, then you have an intelligent way of cutting all kinds of corners in your life. Nevertheless, if the true purpose behind all of this paraphenalia is to avoid where you are holding in your life, it is actually a means of escape.

Bookbag or Knapsack:

You have more foresight than others.

Business Contents:

Possessing checkbooks, pens, stamps, etc., you are quite business oriented, now try being more people oriented.


A definite busybody, you take people’s telephone numbers at random and place them in your bag amongst all the debris. Although you did promise to call them, it just doesn’t seem to be there when you look for it. You love being disorganized.

Color Coordinated:

What you wear and carry must match. You have good fellowship provided this is restricted to your sphere of acquaintances, as you are all structure, uniform and values.

Compartmentalized Handbag:

Having five different areas where to stash your goods, you are highly organized, though you find it difficult when something comes along unexpectedly.

Cosmetic Bag:

Carrying every type of makeup that you may or may not need, how you look is just about all that is important to you. This reflects a lack of confidence in the real you.

Emergency Handbag:

Taking with you anything that you may need, you are primarily concerned with having things in order-especially your life. You do not want anything unexpected to hamper your lifestyle. Although at times laughed at by others, they know who to come to should an emergency arise.

Ethnic Handbag:

You are imaginative, inventive, original and very particular in your pursuit of life.

Florence Nightingale:

Although you have taken care of every possible illness or medical need that may come up, you have not yet found the cure for your hypochondria.

Garbage (Collector’s) Bag:

Once something finishes it is hard for you to part with it. Although others find you hysterical because of your basic love of life and being hilarious, people are attracted to you, but they do try to avoid your handbag.

Handbag plus Shopping Bag:

Family minded even if you do not have a family, you rely on yourself and even though this might be a trifle burdensome, you can be depended upon to bring everything home and then some.

Male ’Purse’:

Novel concepts attract you.

Medium Sized Shoulder Strap:

Being essentially conventional, you tend to be moderate in most walks of life.

Metallic (Or This Years Fad):

Being very style conscious, not being able to get the latest thing may send you into a rage. Essentially one who takes chances, what other people say and think about you are at times more important than your own view.

Neutral Colors:

You have been accused of being slothful. You avoid the limelight at all costs.

Oversize “Horsefeed” Bag:

Because of your easygoing nature, casting just about everything you possess in your bag, people flock to you. If they could only handle your lack of organization and somewhat lack of accountability.

Physical Comfort:

Taking along with you an arsenal of belongings, thermal underwear, an umbrella in case it rains, gloves in case of a storm, an extra bathing suit in case you decide to swim, essentially being a worry wart, should anything occur that you have not anticipated, you become a nervous wreck.

Sexual Encounter:

Seeing that you hope to spend the night elsewhere than your own home, you take along a battery of supplies, anticipating your need for them.

Small Handbag Inside A Larger Bag:

Flexible, you exhibit an enormous amount of dynamo and can play various parts simultaneously.

Small Nothing Bag:

Inasmuch as there is no room for anything in your bag, you are extremely self confident. A fearless human being, though others may wonder why you bother to take a bag at all.

Straw Bag:

You are beach conscious.

Tote Bag:

You basically gravitate toward vogue, highly considering how other people are reading you.

No Handbag:

You are radical, sometimes even fanatic, you are either in great need of others, or have absolutely no need for them, but you are never in the middle. Nevertheless, an aura of a lack of accountability hovers above you.


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