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What Am I Doing Wrong In Relationships ?™

They say breaking up is hard to do. Break-ups are very common in fact sadly enough, it happens to everyone at some point in time. For many women, relationships coming to an end are hard due to lack of closure. So very often, they are left wondering what they did wrong.

While I can't be a miracle worker this area I can provide some very common mistakes that women tend to make. It’s not complete, but it's definitely a good insight. Continue to read and evaluate how you’ve been doing on the dating game.

1. Thinking you can change who he is.

Many women get involved with men with undesirable habits, and cling to the relationship hoping that he’ll improve with time. They tend to feel like the man requires the woman's help in order to change.

Well, that's actually not how it works. You see, women are attracted to a man not by how nice or good he is, but by gut feelings. She 'feels' that her man is nice and good deep inside, and that they can remedy the shortcomings if the…

Asking For Date™

Whether a date's spontaneous or planned, the first or the last date, or you're young or old, sooner or later, going out with someone comes to this: Somebody has to ask for the date.

No matter how much or how little you plan (and regardless of your reputation, your Aunt Sylvia, the knot in your stomach, the advice of your friends, your New Year's resolution, or your success with dating or lack thereof) nobody, with the possible exception of Adam, ever made a date without asking for it. I bet that even with God as the go-between, sooner or later Eve expected Adam to pony up and find the courage to ask if they could take a walk in Paradise, and if he didn't, well, it explains a lot about the snake, don't you think ?

Face it, the only thing scarier than the first date is asking for the first date. But if you can remember that you're not looking for a cure for cancer, that you won't die even if he or she says "yes," and that life as we know it will conti…

Travel Hair Dryers™

No woman should leave her house on a trip abroad or locally without a great travel hair dryer in her bag. The urge to bring along that large hair dryer maybe strong, but it always proves to be just a little too bulky for travel use other than your home dresser at home or in a salon. The solution: a compact and fully functional travel hair dryer that will help you with all your styling needs no matter where you end up - as long as there is electricity of course.

Buying the perfect travel hair dryer is just as important as buying your regular hair drying tool. You have to make sure that it will offer the same comforts only at a smaller size. There is no need to skimp on your travel hair dryer! Forget the logic that because you will only be using it for a couple days tops, it has to be a regular one. Remember that even a few days of using an inferior product can damage your hair beyond repair. Below are some categories that you need to consider when buying a travel hair dryer.

Size and Sto…

How To Choose The Right Handbag™

Your handbag is as important to your fashion statement as your shoes are or any other accessory. Your handbag can take your image from bold and sophisticated to fun and sexy. That’s why it’s so important to know how to choose the right handbag.Of course you want a handbag that’s of good quality. A quality handbag will last for years. It’s always nice to have a few handbags for different occasions and different moods. After all we aren’t satisfied with just one pair of shoes so why should be satisfied with just one handbag.A Marc Jacobs handbag is always stylish and sophisticated which is why it has become one of the most popular handbags to own. In fact they are more than popular they are just plain “hot.” Marc Jacobs has some cutting edge styles and designs that make it impossible for most any woman to resist. In fact choosing a single hand bag will be almost impossible! Each season a new line is introduced with new styles and colors. Why not buy a handbag to match every outfit?Brig…

Erotic Lingerie Shopping Hints & Tips™

Shopping for erotic lingerie is something many women do. Most women have different reasons for shopping for it, of course. Some like the pleasure and tantalizing sense of sexuality it can bring, others want to spice up their relationships, and others simply like how erotic lingerie feels on the skin. Purchasing erotic lingerie is sadly something most women do alone, however, as few women actually take their partners with them on this most sensual of retail journeys.

Whether going to a store or looking at lingerie online, shopping for erotic lingerie as a couple adds excitement long before you wear the garment in the bedroom. Think of all the fun you two could have picking out intimate apparel together. As a couple, you'll strengthen your bond as you discover each other's fantasies and bring your relationship to a whole new level.

If you've never gone shopping together in an erotic lingerie store, your partner might be awkward at first. The only rule is to have an open mind. …

3 Powerful Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism And Weight Loss™

“Oh-oh, my metabolism is drooping, that means weight gain.” How about using metabolism boosters to get that metabolism up to where it helps you lose weight instead of to gain it?

Metabolism boosters are not some kind of pill. They are anything that will speed up your metabolic rate (the speed at which your body burns calories).

You want a faster metabolism because the faster your body burns calories, the more weight and fat you lose. That’s a good thing.

In other words, fat is created by the extra calories that your body does not burn through activity. If you use more calories than consume, then your body is forced to burn fat (instead of store it) in order to function. That is what causes weight and fat loss.

Almost everybody already knows that you need a good diet and weight-loss exercise program to really lose weight.

However, most people don’t realize that a good way to lose weight quicker is to speed up your metabolism. Once you have a fast metabolism, it will be easier to lose weight…

How To French Kiss A Woman™

It is an experience that most people would remember: their first French kiss. Some people would say it was a great experience while some would prefer not to mention it. But, we all know that French kissing is a very delicate and sensual experience.

Research has said that women's lips are one of their erogenous zone, so it's important for men to leave a lasting impression with women. And if you French kiss her like no one else, you'll most likely to kiss something else of her next.

The skill of kissing does not simply consist of knowing how to move your tongue inside a woman's mouth without hitting her tonsils. It involves the entire mouth - the lips, tongue, teeth, and the rest of the body.

Here are some basics :

1) Give the lady a hand.

Position your hands on her body while kissing her. Hold her face firmly but gently as you slip your tongue inside her mouth and suck on her lips. This will definitely make her toes curl.

Also, try to gently pull her hair back from the back…

Woman's Touch: Dating Do's And Dont's For Females™

It can be difficult to be a woman in the dating arena. A lot of things can go wrong for you more than it can for your male counterpart. Plus, men can be really dense about a few things. Well, no worries. Here are a few tips on what to do and not to do during a date: 1) Timing is important - Timing as in 'on time'. No matter what they say, there is no such thing as 'fashionably late'. For the first date, this can give the guy jitters and make him think that you've stood him up. For the later dates, having him wait for you in the living room for half an hour with either your roommate, your sister or, worse, your father is not something you want him to do - whether it be for the embarrassing stories or Dad's 'eyes of doom'. 2) Keep your head on straight - Yes, we all know dates are supposed to be fun, but knowing what's going on is important both for your own safety and for you love life. Is your date acting suspicious or just nervous? Maybe you'd …

Coffee: What Are The Health Benefits ?™

If you are a coffee drinker, you no doubt have asked yourself how much coffee is it safe for you to consume on a daily basis. This is not surprising since so much has been blamed on coffee. Heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, you name it. At one time or another, coffee has been made to blame. Coffee has joined the ranks of red wine and chocolate as a guilty pleasure that may actually be good for you. As much as it is a great way to get that fix in the morning, recent studies have shown that coffee has been found to be rich in antioxidants and contains hundreds of pain-relieving and anti-bacterial compounds. Although one should not drink coffee with wild abandon, it's comforting to know that maybe that cup or two in the morning may be good for you. Here is a statistic to ponder: did you know that there are over 160 million coffee drinkers in the Unites States alone? In terms of consumption, the average American consumes 8.8 lbs. of coffee per year. But consider this: the world lea…

Woman Have Smaller Brains So Are Less Intelligent ?™

'In a paper to be published in a leading research journal, one of Britain's most outspoken academics will argue that men have larger brains and higher IQs than women, to such an extent that they are better suited to 'tasks of high complexity'. 'Richard Lynn, emeritus professor of psychology at Ulster University, who has caused outrage in the past with claims that white people are more intelligent than blacks and that criminal traits are genetic, will publish the work with Dr Paul Irwing, senior lecturer in organizational psychology at Manchester University'. Now this older male, self-appointed 'professor of life' for the purpose of this writing, is a little confused at the claims of such eminent academics. As examples: Ms Condoleezza Rice is an attractive black American who, with the claimed smaller, less intelligent brain than mine just happens to be 'The Secretary of State' for the United States of America. I would believe that to be a task of…

Do You Know How Many Different Types Of Handbags There Are ?™

All handbags are not created equal, not even close ! Just like automobiles and cowboy boots, some are classic, some are trendy, some are practical, and some are just simply arm candy. Check out this overview of handbags. Some of the most popular include:

Accordion: Made of two or three pouches side by side, fastened together by stitching, snaps or fasteners to allow expansion or contraction of the bag, according to its capacity.

Baguette: Long, small, narrow bag with a shoulder strap, carried under the arm.

Balantine: Made of leather, fabric or metal, suspended from a long cord. The Balantine swings back and forth at knee height as you walk. These are very popular at present.

Pompadour: Small velvet or lace pouches worn hanging from a cord used to carry small items, a notebook or money.

Pouchette: Also called a clutch, this is a small lady's bag without a handle or shoulder strap.

Reticule: Comprised of string, net or mesh. This bag once used for provisions or tools.

Rucksack/Backpack: W…

Dark Chocolate Is Healthy Chocolate™

It's the best medical news in ages. Studies in two prestigious scientific journals say dark chocolate but not white chocolate or milk chocolate is good for you.Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood PressureDark chocolate.. not white chocolate.. lowers high blood pressure, say Dirk Taubert, MD, PhD, and colleagues at the University of Cologne, Germany. Their report appears in the Aug. 27 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association.But that's no license to go on a chocolate binge. Eating more dark chocolate can help lower blood pressure -- if you've reached a certain age and have mild high blood pressure, say the researchers. But you have to balance the extra calories by eating less of other things.Antioxidants in Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate -- but not milk chocolate or dark chocolate eaten with milk -- is a potent antioxidant, report Mauro Serafini, PhD, of Italy's National Institute for Food and Nutrition Research in Rome, and colleagues. Their report appears in …

Top 10 Male Turn Ons™

It is an undeniable fact that a man is powerless to the charms of a beautiful woman. All men, however, have a different definition of beauty. Regardless of how a man defines what he finds attractive in a woman, there are several common male turn ons that all men would agree to. The following is a list of the top ten male turn ons: 1. Women who leave something to the imagination As unbelievable as it sounds, men often prefer to be teased with a little taste of what is to come. This would include a woman who dresses to show a little skin, but not too much. For example, a female who offers the slight glimpse of a thong or a bra strap is often more seductive than one who is scantily clad. Women who maintain a certain degree of class are always more attractive to men than women who openly share all their secrets! 2. She is not afraid to admit that she loves sex There is nothing wrong with enjoying the act of sex, and there are fewer things more attractive to a man than a woman who can admi…

Women's Empowerment Tools™

If you've ever felt undervalued in the workplace as a woman, you shouldn't. Women are becoming more and more prominent in work environments and even have special skills that can help them succeed even in a male-dominated career. Recognizing the natural self empowering tools for women, that women already possess, can be very powerful.

Women have natural talents, but may feel as though those talents are not relevant to a place of business. This is incorrect. It is true that women, just like men, still need to master practical and technical business skills in order to succeed, but when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder, they have unique skills that organizations value. By simply tapping into these skills, women can empower themselves to obtain anything and everything they want.

Let’s start with communication – a skill that is vital to success. Women are natural communicators. Have you ever noticed how a mother “just knows” how important it is to talk and interact with her c…