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Migraines And Women™

Migraines occur far more frequently in women than in men. In fact, in adult women the rate of frequency is roughly fifteen to seventeen percent, whereas in men it is only about five percent. Studies have concluded that estrogen withdrawal is a key factor in migraines related to menstrual cycles. Twenty-five to thirty percent of all women in their 30s experience at least an occasional migraine. Menstrual migraines generally last longer than non-menstrual migraines and often are much more difficult to treat effectively. Sixty to seventy percent of women who suffer from migraines have menstrual-related migraine. Ten to fourteen percent of women with migraines have them only during menstruation. These types of headaches are known as ‘true menstrual migraine’. Premenstrual migraine may in fact be part premenstrual syndrome (PMS), the menstrual related mood disorder. Symptoms of PMS include fatigue, irritability or depression, bloating and, yes, headache. Two-thirds of women who suffered fr…

Menstrual Calendar, Charting Your Signs of Fertility™

Charting the signs of our menstrual cycle is a good way to keep in touch with our bodies, our feelings, and our health. It is also a good way to predict our days of menstruation in advance, even if menstrual cycles are irregular, and to know the most fertile times if we are hoping to conceive.

Cervical Mucus

The sign that is easier to observe is the cervical mucus, since it is noticed in the course of daily activity. Fertile type mucus is produced by the cervix during the days when the ova are maturing and preparing for ovulation. This mucus is not only an indicator of fertility, it is essential for fertility. Cervical mucus nourishes the sperm, protects them from the natural acidity of the vagina, and guides them toward the ovum. Following is a simple way to observe and chart your fertile type mucus.€™t

Pay attention to how you feel as you go about your daily activities. Just as you have learned to notice a certain wetness at menstruation, you will begin to notice a second wet time, but…

Sensitive Areas Hair Free for Weeks ?

Epilady epilators are made with the woman in mind. Their wonderful epilators were created for the contours and curves of your body that will leave even those sensitive areas hair free for four to six weeks and remove the small ugly hairs that all women hate. Epilady's most popular new design is the New Discrette Compact. This is the smallest and most efficient epilator on the market today in my opinion. It is fast, smooth and quieter than others that you may have tried in the past. It really shows how epilators have improved over the years. The design is great for removing unwanted hair at practically any angle. You will be amazed at how this compact epilator will remove even the finest of hairs right from the root. The wide epilating head will remove hair smoothly and comfortably. It has two operating speeds, has an ergonomic design for easier handling, and come complete with its own carrying case, cleaning brush and power cord. Many women I know prefer the Epilady Duet, 2-in-1 E…

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair™

Since time immemorial, we women have always struggled to get rid of the unsightly hair that Nature has given us. Today men have also joined in our struggle, but what can we do to get rid of these undesirable hairs? Would you like some information on the hair-removal methods that exist today? After carefully reading this article, you’ll be able to choose the hair-removal technique that best adapts to your needs. Razor hair removal. Is it OK to shave to get rid of hair? This method does not remove hairs from the root but shaves them on the surface level of the skin. Today we have new types of feminine shaving razors that adapt perfectly to different body areas and include a lubricating material (generally aloe) at the base, leaving the skin soft and moisturized. What’s more, after shaving, you can apply a hair-removal cream that will calm your skin. Undoubtedly, this method of hair removal will not take up much of your time, as all you have to do is apply shaving cream on your skin and …

Men's Sexual Health Problems™

Sexual difficulties are nearly undeniable, each and every man faces some kind of sexual problem at some point in his life, it might be a temporary issue or a permanent disorder. Be smart enough to tackle such petty disorders, do not let them hamper your marital or love life. Some very familiar male sexual difficulties involve getting or keeping an erection, ejaculating too rapidly, or difficulty reaching orgasm. What is hard enough, fast enough, and time enough is best decided by the people involved, rather than by a clock or some arbitrary standard. Do consider the below mentioned vital points before taking any decision • Problems in sustaining or keeping erection, also termed as Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction, rapid ejaculation, or delayed ejaculation are some of the common disorder’s hampering men’s sexual health. Such problems are entirely normal; do not make it a sexual issue. • Uneven sexual desire and dissimilar preferences in sexual style are normal and inevitable in long-t…

Choosing the Perfect Gifts for Men™

The first thing you should do is to list out the choices you have, and your budget. Consider what his likes and dislikes are; whether he has an interest in sports, gardening or reading. If he has an interest in sports, you could consider buying him some sports equipment like golf clubs, a baseball mitt or billiards cues. It all depends on his likes. Or if he is an electronic man who loves new gadgets, keep a look out for new electrical items there are on the market, and buy one of them. Perhaps the latest watch or mobile phone wouldn't be a bad idea.

If he is a handyman, you could consider buying him that new tool box he always wanted to buy, but never got around buying. Or perhaps that drill machine so that he can go on making holes whenever he wants to! Whatever his interests are, keep that in mind and look for the perfect gift for him.

If you are unsure of all these gifts, you could always buy some gift baskets with his favorite food or drinks found in it. Perhaps a gift basket o…

Foods to Eat to Lose Weight™

Foods To Eat To Lose Weight

1. Eggs - The highest valued protein of all foods. Just a great choice for breakfast since they have a lot of protein and fill you up so you can avoid snacking in the late morning.

2. Black beans - Contains 25 grams of fiber and 25 grams of protein in a 50 cent can. That fiber takes care of most if not all the fiber that the average person needs in a day. I generally recommend a higher fiber intake for weight loss... over 40 grams a day. But the U.S. government says you should get at least 25 grams of fiber. So that's taken care of. Added bonus, no sugar in them.

3. Tuna - About 30 grams of protein... a lot considering the small size in the typical can. Since many people don't like tuna by itself (me included), I suggest you mix it into other things. Mix with black beans and some sour cream. Mix into a lean chopped up meat such as beef or chicken. Mix into a salad. Whatever floats your boat.

4. Apples - The king of all snacks. High in fiber and water co…

Caffeine and Women's Health™

Caffeine has some detrimental effects on health for everybody, but women should be aware of the effects on specific issues relating to them. Although these effects vary greatly depending on the individual's tolerance to the drug, as well as how much caffeine she is getting, there are certain health-related issues that are very gender-specific.The most obvious place to begin is probably the effect of caffeine on pregnancy. The good news for all those women used to their daily coffee fix is that there’s no need to completely kick the habit in most cases. (Check with your doctor to make sure). Most studies have found that moderate consumption of caffeine (200mg a day) will not harm the baby. On the other hand, research does indicate a possible link between increased risk of a miscarriage and the consumption of more than 300mg of caffeine in a day.Aside from possible fetal complications, there is also the subject of the effect of caffeine on the mother herself. Caffeine is a stimulant…

Essential Vitamins For Women™

What vitamins are essential for women ? Why are vitamins good for your health, for your beautiful and healthy hair, nails and skin? Research has shown that in our hurry up world of fast food, and extreme work schedules we have developed very poor eating habits. This extremely poor diet affecting our general health and energy levels and makes our skin sensitive, fingernails weaker and our hair thinner and far less healthier.Multivitamins and other dietary supplements will not replace an unhealthy diet. Focus also eating sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, lean meats, fish, poultry, nuts, seeds and legumes.Then supply your diet with the proper multi-vitamins for women.Vitamins essential for women:1. Vitamin A - Antioxidant that helps produce healthy sebum in the scalp.Food sources: Fish liver oil, meat, milk, cheese, eggs, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, apricots and peaches.2. Vitamin C - Antioxidant that helps maintain skin & hai…

Women's Dress Sandals™

Our formal wear shoes or sandals are called dress shoes that give an elegant appearance to your feet as well as to you (on a whole). A fabulous and right pair of dress sandals can really set off your party attire thus giving you a grand appearance in the crowd. But if you make the wrong choice, then it completely spoils your outfit and appearance in the crowded party. Many overcome such problem of choosing the wrong pair of dress sandals while shopping. Well, this article guides you to pick the right pair of shoes for you with some helpful tips discusses below.A good fitting dress sandal gives you the style you want, provides great comfort to your feet and above all enables a comfortable walk around and dance to enjoy the evening to the full extent. Many women prefer style rather than comfort which further leaves them with ankle sprains and other foot-disorders. So, have a reading of these below mentioned tips that are handy while shopping a nice pair of dress shoes for you.Instead of…

A Women's Handbag of Choice is Personal™

As a woman, I can not image myself without my handbag and I know that many other women agree. A woman surely needs her handbag by her side to carry her things around and also to make a fashion statement. Along with her clothes, shoes, and jewelry, the right handbag completes the final look. Choosing the right handbag is like an art form that many women learn while growing up. A lot of our fashion is influenced by our favorite celebrities and from advertisements we see on television. We then begin to develop our own unique style, which we modified from time to time, and carry this into our adulthood as we become more fashionable.Women's handbag choices are always changing as they age. They choose styles that are not only age-appropriate but also in line with their social status and lifestyle. Career women are more likely to go for a sleek structured shoulder bag for a business type look. Many women carry styles of famous designer handbags including designer inspired replica handbag…

Elegant Work Bags For Professional Women™

For business women today creating a polished professional image is as much a key to their success, as their experience and skill sets. We've all seen movies like Working Girl where the secretary has far more flair and natural ability than her bosses, but is only taken seriously once she abandons her big hair and transforms her image to be well-groomed and elegantly dressed. Unfortunately this cliché is all too true in the work place and we all still have to dress to impress to get to the top.These days you no longer have to renounce femininity to look professional. Gone are the days when a woman had to dress like a man to be successful. There are plenty of smart and elegant styles that a professional woman can make her own and when it comes to work bags she is no longer restricted to carrying a masculine briefcase or attaché case.Big handbags have now been fashionable for a few years and some styles adapt perfectly to being chic work bags, taking on the briefcase role with far mor…

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Discrimination When Working Internationally™

Since ancient times women have been viewed, in many cultures, as men’s inferiors physically, morally, and intellectually. Today, in western cultures, women enjoy more freedom and equality than ever before in history. Despite the gains made by women in recent years, particularly in the U.S., many women worldwide still find that their access to education, employment, healthcare and political influence are limited because of their gender. These discrepancies continue to exist because many societies still maintain centuries-old social and religious laws, customs, and traditions that have created barriers to education, jobs, and healthcare, as well as deprive women of their political and civil rights.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is usually defined as a form of discrimination in which sexual advances or requests for sexual favors constitute a condition of a person’s employment or advancement in the workplace. It frequently occurs between a male and a female, often instigated by a ma…

Sexy Lingerie: Teddies And Bodysuits Are More Than Just Sexy™

At first glance all teddies and bodysuits might look alike, but there are some differences between the two pieces of lingerie. A teddy usually a one piece garment that resembles the combination of a camisole and panties. While teddies are now considered sexy lingerie, like all lingerie they started out with a specific function. Teddies were used for full coverage underneath clothing. A fit that was once loose, became more form fitting over time, eventually evolving into the skin tight lingerie we have today.

A bodysuit is also a single piece made of a stretchy material and designed to cling to the body. Bodysuits have short sleeves, long sleeves, no sleeves, and leggings. Teddies are primarily thought of as sexy lingerie and are never worn as an outer garment. Sexy bodysuits, on the other hand, are often worn for fun in the bedroom or for making a splash out in public. Bodysuits gained popularity in the 1980s, frequently worn as outerwear. A sexy bodysuit was and still is a perfect mat…