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Lose Weight Permanently with the Power Pause™

If strict diet and exercise routines are not for you and just make you feel like a failure because you don't seem to be able to keep them up, then why not try a new approach? Start with something you know you can do, which needs no special equipment and which you can do anywhere. This is something which is so powerful, so simple it will serve you all your life. I call it a "Power Pause" because it means using a moment to regain power over your decisions about what and when you eat. To make the "Power Pause" part of your life ask yourself just 3 questions before you eat anything * Am I physically hungry right now or could I wait? * How will I feel after I have eaten this? * Is there a better choice? The Power Pause is a tool you can use whenever you're faced with food. You can use it before you buy food in a restaurant or shop. And you can use it before you open the fridge or freezer, before you reach into the cupboard for a snack, before you have a second c…

What's Your Emotional Type ?™

For women, emotions are like water: they flow.

When I first got into therapy, my therapist began to educate me about my emotions. I thought I was crazy. She said, “No, just colorful.” What she explained to me is that everyone feels their feelings differently. Some of us paint with pastels, while others go for richer hues. We have different palettes. My mother and I are very different emotionally. We have spent years coming to the place where we finally understand one another. Growing up she was the stable one, and I brought big emotional extremes and theatrical moods.

As I considered how emotions are like water, contemplating the ways that water flows, I came up with the four emotional types of women. Most of us have a primary, with a secondary:

River women:

River women are emotion in motion. Theirs is a subtle and constant stream of emotion that flows like a river from one feeling to the next, often seamlessly. They are remarkably even-tempered, with a great sense of playfulness. If they…

Breast Enlargement Pills™

As we all know, this subject is something that we could all use a little education on no matter who you are.

The next article lists some simple, informative tips that will help you have a better experience with Breast Enlargement.

The examine of breast enlargement by ingesting pills is appealing to many women who are cautious to undergo breast instill surgery. Many women examine breast enlargement pills as an painless and inexpensive way of increasing their breast size.

Breast enlargement pills contain phytoestrogens, a openly occurring non-hormonal deposit estrogen that promotes the progress of new breast tissue. These pills, as the manufacturers claim, activate the stopped estrogen sites in the breasts and rise breast size.

If you think you have learned a lot about this fascinating topic so far remember, we are only halfway through!

The ingredients worn in the pills are a combination of antique herbs that artlessly adjust the hormone levels and stimulate breast growth. Most of the pills …

5 Ways to Get Faster Results From Your Raw Food Diet™

When I first learned about the raw food diet, it took me years to figure out how to do it properly. Then it took me even more years - making mistakes and compromising my health - until I started experiencing the benefits I was looking for from the start!

Let's face it, if you're going to bother changing your diet at all, there's got to be a reason for doing it. I would bet you want to improve your health and energy, right?

But why take years to get those results, when you can get them in months or even weeks? Here are some of the things that I've found can help you get faster results from your raw food diet.

1. Incorporate Fitness

It's interesting to note that even though a person may be fit but unhealthy (think of all the athletes who died of a heart attack!), it's *not* possible to be healthy without being fit.

Until you reach the point where your body fat is at an optimal level and your fitness “above average”, you probably won't get all the results you'r…

Best Exercises For Pear Shaped Women™

Being a pear shaped woman myself, I know the struggles involved in trying to achieve a lean and sleek pair of legs. There are a few things I have learned about how to exercise effectively for maximum fat loss in the lower region and balancing out our physiques.

For starters, there are a few things we must accept so that we won't beat ourselves up with frustration.

1. Accept the fact that you have a pear shape - we carry most of our body fat in the lower half of our bodies (hips, thighs and butt).

2. Consider the fat on your lower region as fat magnets. In other words, it is very easy to attract fat to the thighs, hips and buttocks and very difficult to move (not impossible though!)

3. Accept the fact that you will have to work extra hard to lean out the lower half of your body.

If you can accept the above, then you'll be armed with a more realistic mindset when working out and trying to lose fat. You'll be able to be patient with yourself and won't give up.

Now the good news…

How To Recognize Bulimia Nervosa™

Bulimia nervosa (sometimes just called bulimia) is an eating disorder in which a person eats a lot of food in a short period of time (binges) and then tries to get rid of the food to prevent weight gain (purges). They may purge by vomiting or by using laxatives to make the food leave their system faster so less of it gets absorbed.

Consequences of bulimia

The consequences of bulimia are very serious. Over time it weakens the heart muscle and can lead to heart failure. It causes low blood pressure and irregular heartbeat. It can cause dehydration and low levels of potassium, magnesium and sodium in the body. It causes anemia. It can cause hormonal imbalances leading to an irregular or absent menstrual period in women.

Bulimia nervosa can cause constipation, diarrhea, and other intestinal problems. The acidic content of vomit damages the teeth and the esophagus. It can also cause stomach ulcers and sores inside the mouth. It can even cause the stomach to rupture.

Bulimia also causes muscle …

8 Keys to Improving Self-esteem for Teenage Girls™

Experts on facial expressions are not fooled by the big smiles of teen-age girls. It is evident when a girl is truly happy inside, because she has a “Duchienne smile.” With this smile the involuntary muscles around the eyes are wrinkled. And those muscles do not lie.

On the other hand, fake, superficial smiles reveal a smiling mouth only, there is no twinkle and not a wrinkle. Looking at many of the photos in today’s magazines where the models often reveal fake smiles with sad eyes. BUT, this is not what teen girls notice. They focus on the perfect figure, airbrushed skin, hair and slick image. Then, unfortunately, they want to emulate that MYTH of happiness.

Dr. Linda Miles has spent over thirty years as a psychotherapist dealing with such issues. In addition she has discussed this subject numerous times on national radio and television. She has a passion for helping girls and women “de-program the myths” of our beauty queen culture.

She herself, as a teenager, bought into fake personal…

The Keys To Successful Dating For Men™

Dating is probably one of the most exciting yet daunting adventures any single individual might ever encounter. Traditional dating—meeting up, going out and eating out—with somebody you are interested with can be a challenge as well as a learning experience for everyone.

More than the women, men feel more pressured when going out on a date because they are expected to do almost everything to make the date a success. Since they are the ones who will carry out most of the so-called “dating tasks” here are some tips that can help men go through with the exciting process of dating the girl they are interested with.


Dating can be a daunting task especially for those men who haven’t dated for a long time, for those who haven’t been successful with women, and even for those guys who are so used to dating without knowing the basic rules in playing the game.

Remember, people need conform the rules whether they like it or not. In the case of dating, there are simp…

Healthy Eating Leads To Healthy Living™

Healthy eating is never a likable option with hard core foodies. People are always particular about the quality of fuel to be used for their Mercedes but quality is always on a compromise when it comes to health issues.

People hog on to whatever comes their way, being least bothered about the consequences. Be it cookies, chocolates, gravy or some pulses, all have an equal rating. But the unwanted pounds that get added is a much neglected fact. There is very little difference between our body system and a car. A car that has been designed to run on petrol will never move an inch if diesel is poured into it. Similar is the case with human beings. For the normal functioning of the human body, it is very essential to eat the right things.

Whenever there is a talk on healthy eating, people are of the idea that there are hardly any eating options given to them. But the fact definitely takes them by surprise that, healthy eating has a wider variety of options.

Food Pyramid

The Americans have the…

15 Daily Feminist Activities™

You’re busy. You’re broke. How do you make positive social change without having to dole out big bucks and loads of energy? Here are 15 feminist activities you can incorporate into your daily life to solve that dilemma.

1. Leave copies of feminist publications everywhere. Leave behind old issues of Ms., Girlistic and local women’s papers in ObGYN waiting rooms and dental offices. “Forget” articles in the copy machine at work. Latent feminists are everywhere – you never know who might find your little treasures and feel a sense of anonymous camaraderie and support.

2. Use feminine pronouns as generic pronouns,

especially when talking about male-dominated professions or industries. It’s surprising how noticeable it is when you use “she” or “her” as a generic. People hear it and take note.

3 & 4. Patronize women-owned businesses, especially when they’re local. Women own 48% of all businesses nation-wide, and that number is growing. Yet in the largest companies, women fill only 10% of the…

Where Can Single Women Find Quality Men ?™

The decades may change but the song remains the same, women are forever lamenting that 'all of the good ones are taken'. They are, of course, referring to men, and the common complaint is that there is just no good place to meet quality men. We have a few ideas that suggest otherwise!

One great place to meet men is your local sports team's events. If you are athletic-minded, you can join an intramural sports league of your choice and be sure to meet other active individuals who share your interest. A volleyball or softball league will last a good few months and give you ample opportunity to get to know some great guys who are also into the sport of your choice! Many times after games, the members of the league go out for beer or wings after the games and this socializing can't hurt your chances of meeting a great date either. Sign up for a league, join a team, and take the step to get to know your great men in the community! Sometimes women are gun-shy about meeting men…

Women and Bicycles™

Nowadays, cycling is one of the most famous sports in the world. Both women and men enjoy riding bicycles; sport competitions are held and thousands of people join bicycle clubs. Bicycle racing is very popular; men and women, children and grownups master the art of bicycle riding.

However, bicycle riding wasn’t always accessible to women. On the contrary: in 19th century it was consider inappropriate for women to ride bikes. The pose, which the bicycle riders had to take, seemed too vulgar. Some critics condemned women who decided to ride bicycles, claiming that their vulgar look is provocative and that they should be arrested, since women on bikes disturb social order.

Today, women riding bicycles everywhere, not realizing the importance of the mark the bicycle left upon gender relations. In the 19th century, cycling was considered male dominated sphere of activity, much like other sport activities, and women couldn’t play a part in these spheres. However, as the years went by, women s…

Bodybuilding Information For Women™

The Bodybuilding Diet
You need to start doing a bodybuilding diet, instead of the diet accepted by society. They just don't mix. Breakfast, lunch and dinner just don't cut it. You need to start eating smaller meals, more often. I follow the rule of every 2-3hrs. This way, my body gets a constant flow of nutrients in, so my body is in the position to constantly repair muscle tissue. When you're eating only a few meals a day, your body has significant amounts of time where it is not in the position to build muscle tissue. That is just lost potential.

The evening poses the biggest problem because you're going to be sleeping longer than 2-3hrs. The solution for this is to eat a combination of protein and fat before you goto bed. Fat is very hard for the digestive system to go through. This means the digestive process gets prolonged throughout the night, leaving you with a consistent flow of protein to repair muscles.

You can't skimp on this. This is too important. La…

G-spot and Female Sexual Response™

This article will teach you all about how women respond to sexual situations and some topics about the G-Spot. A part where you can stimulate it to give your partner quicker orgasm.

Female Sexual Response

The famous sex researchers, William Masters and Virginia Johnson, were the first to outline the four stages of sexual response in human beings. These stages apply to both men and women, but each gender experiences the stages differently. Men typically race through the stages faster than women do, but that's only on average.

In some situations, women may be ready for orgasm much faster than a man. We'll look at each of the stages as they occur in women and we'll tell you what signs to watch for so you'll be able to determine when your partner is ready for the next stage.

Stage 1 – Excitement

This is one of the easiest stages to reach for both men and women. A woman can become excited just by smelling your cologne or having your hand brush against her breasts. She can be…