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Simplicity With Your Home Wall Decor™

I can still picture my roommate as she lay stretched out on the floor, rummaging through a pile of Martha Stewart magazines. It was our mutual friend’s birthday and we preferred to deliver our own personalized birthday gifts. My roommate sat on the floor, cutting out various chunks of pages from the magazines. After observing her assorted scraps, she mixed and matched the paper in what formed a fitting and creative design. She neatly wrapped the gift in her personalized wrapping paper.

In a hurry, I rushed to the nearest gift shop and purchased some pink and yellow wrapping, and then splurged on the additional decorations, including ribbons, a matching birthday card and a multi-colored bow to top it off.

In comparing the two gift appearances, we had very distinct tastes. My roommate’s presentation was well-thought of, personalized and simple. My gift looked more like a store display flaunting the loudest and most colorful wrapping offered. I realized then that I had executed decoration …

Insider Secrets That Keep Women From Losing Fat and Inches™

When it comes to losing fat, especially belly fat, many women are making huge mistakes and as a result they are not getting the results they want.

1. Doing the same exercise routine. Women who do the same workout over and over without changing it will notice after awhile it stops producing results and they immediately become frustrated! To start burning fat again change your routine around (the sequence in which you perform your exercises).

2. Doing too much cardio. I find a lot of women do too much cardio and never get the results they want! One of the reasons is that doing too much and not eating enough will slow down your metabolism.

3. Not doing a fat-burning workout. Most women who don't see results as fast as they want to are not working out with enough intensity! You don't need to spend hours in the gym to blast fat. Focus on intensity to where you are breathing heavy and sweating. Women who participate in a boot camp program or circuit training can easily accomplish this …

French Toile Bedding Tips For A Classic Touch™

French toile bedding is enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity for bedroom decorating. What, you may be wondering, is French toile? Quite simply, French toile (twaal) is cotton fabric with all over floral or pastoral prints.

The most common colors are black, navy or blue, red, and green on white or cream backgrounds. These prints work great with French provincial or traditional bedroom furnishings. Genuine toile comes only from France and is quite airy, allowing it to drape well when used in bedding, draperies, bed canopies, or just about anywhere in the home.

Numerous bedding manufacturers offer French toile bedding that is sure to please. Let's look at some of the favorites more closely

Country Life Toile Black by Waverly features black on off-white print in a traditional 18th Centruly toile de Jouy motif coordinated with a classic country check print. Using three different fabrics, Country Life Black, Classic Ticking Black, and Cheerful Check Black, the ensemble offers a cozy, …

Women's Clothing - Stylish, Affordable Fashion™

The last few years has seen a welcome change in the way that fashionable women's clothing is offered for sale on the UK's high streets. Long gone is the old fashioned high street chain approach of changing the inventory only twice a year; new styles and designs are now hitting the shelves almost every month. In addition, prices have plummeted in the face of increased competition and more effective production and supply methods from retailers.

Now, there's much more choice for women's ready-to wear fashion and that is great news for the consumer as prices have been forced down. Indeed, women's clothes prices have fallen by a third in the last ten years, and consumers are now buying almost 40% of clothes at value out-of-town retailers such as Matalan, using a mere 17% of their annual clothing budget.

Also, many more people have now decided to leave it to the super rich to pay enormous amounts for designer clothes and accessories. Indeed, even style-conscious youngsters…

How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring™

This is the moment she's been dreaming about since she was a little girl: the love of her life is proposing to her, asking her to join him for eternity. The diamond engagement ring is a perfect symbol of your promise to love her eternally.

There is so much information about diamond engagement rings that is seems overwhelming to say the least. Don't be confused, here are some simple tips to help you decide what kind of ring to look for and some spending guidelines.

How does one go about choosing that "perfect ring" ? The following steps will help you prepare finding the right choice:

1. ask family and friends what she likes
2. pay attention when she admires someone else's ring
3. browse jewelry stores with her
4. take note of the advertisements she likes
5. take time to notice the style of other jewelry she wears-is it more simple or ornate

Now that you have some ideas of what kind of ring to look for, the next question is, "how much do I spend?" The often-quote…

Bed Pillow Buying Guide™

Size: Most pillows come in 2 sizes: Standard and King. King size pillows can be too long and unyielding, so you may want to consider using 3 standard pillows instead of 2 King Size for a King Size mattress. Some companies offer a Queen Size pillow which is often a happy medium between the other 2 sizes. Sleep Position: The position you normally sleep in is a major factor when deciding what pillow you want to purchase for yourself. Back sleepers normally need thinner pillows, while a side sleeper could use some extra support to keep their neck properly aligned. Contour type pillows work well for either situation. Stomach sleepers need to be careful not to get a pillow that is too thick, so they don't suffocate on the pillow. Filling: If you prefer a very thin Pillow, Down or synthetic Down would work fairly well for you. If you prefer a supportive pillow, memory foam or latex would suit you well. Memory foam will react to your heat and the weight of your head and slowly conform a…

How to Choose a Comfortable Sofa Bed™

If you are shopping for sofa beds, and really do not have a clue where to start, there are some things you should look for to make sure you get the best sofa with a hide away bed for you and your space. Sofa beds are so versatile, you can have a bed that turns into a sofa, and someone sitting on the sofa, would never even know that there is a bed inside. They really do look just like regular sofas. You just do not realize there is a bed inside, until it is actually pulled out of the sofa. First of all, there must be a reason you are looking for a sofa bed, right? Perhaps, you have overnight guest, and no extra bed to sleep the guest on? Maybe you are expecting guests in the near future to sleep on your sofa bed? Whatever your reasons may be for needing a bed and sofa in one, there are a few things you will want to remember while you are shopping around.The first thing to look for in a sofa bed is comfort. You will want the sofa to be comfortable to sit on and you will want the bed to …

UK Handbags - A Good “Handbagging”™

The Handbag sector covers handbags with or without handles and/or shoulder straps, designed to carry everyday personal belongings. Occasional evening bags are also included as handbags. The market can be divided into firstly, traditional real leather handbags, produced from mechanically or chemically processed animal pelts, and secondly, synthetic fabric handbags, constructed mainly from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane. Of the former, the highest quality handbags are made of full grain leather and the lowest quality handbags made of white split leather.

It is estimated the UK handbag industry is worth £1 billion and is growing steadily in value. This growth in handbag sales is put down to women regarding handbags as essential, having more than one, co-ordinating them with outfits as fashion accessories and choosing different sizes or styles to suit the occasion..

The UK once had a thriving leather handbag industry centred largely in Southwark, East London and Walsall. However,…

How To Look Slimmer Instantly™

Did you know that the clothing styles you choose can have a major impact on your apparent weight? Choosing the right clothes for your body shape and makes all the difference. Here are 10 simple tricks you can use to look slimmer almost instantly!

You can lose approximately 3-5 lbs (1-2kgs) with each point listed below. Choose a maximum of 5 points per outfit:

1. Vertical Lines

A vertical design line that causes the eye to run uninterrupted up and down the body has an incredible power to make you appear slimmer and taller. Vertical stripes in particular are great at making you appear slimmer, but be careful with the stripes you choose. The wider the stripe and the further apart they are spaced, the less impact they have. Thin to medium stripes placed close together have the most impact.

2. Stand Up Straight

Simple good posture will always make you appear slimmer. Standing correctly makes your clothes hang properly and elongates the body. This can take practice but it is a great habit to get…

What is Style ? And How To Achieve It™

Despite what the media tells us, true style has nothing to do with having a perfect body or becoming a slave to fashion. It's actually about being comfortable in your own skin and expressing yourself with confidence.

We probably all know a few women who seem to have been born with style and good taste. They are the sort of women who always look great and fit in wherever they go. What do these women have in common ? Chances are it's not a size 0 body, a huge income or their own stylist.

What they share is a defined personal style and the ability to dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable and confident.

Women have long been seduced into believing that their external appearance is everything. And if we believe what mass media tells us, we're all abnormal if we don't look like a supermodel.

From an early age, we are influenced by the likes and dislikes of our friends and parents and later, our partners. Our education, family/social situation and career also play a part…

What Women Are Doing To Enlarge Breasts ?™

Do you know what women are using to enlarge breasts? There are lots of methods which are being used world wide. If you want are finding a breast enhancement method then it will be interesting to know about all the methods.Everybody thinks that breast augmentation surgery is most commonly used methods. But nowadays natural breast enhancement pills are getting popular every day. People prefer natural methods due to many reasons. Surgery is very expensive. Breast augmentation surgery can cost from $5000 to $8000. Because of this reason not everyone can afford the surgery. In addition to this there are many side effects of the surgery.To understand the side effects of the surgery you should know the procedure of the operation. The procedure is very simple. There are different types of incisions which are made by the surgeon. The incisions are made according to the age of the patient. After making the incisions the surgeon creates the pocket in the breast tissue. Surgeon places the implant…

Moderately Drinking Women May Suffer From Breast Cancer™

Everything we eat, do and think about has an impact on our health. As we look for ways to fight a wide range of diseases, the American Association for Cancer Research 2008 Annual Meeting suggested that continuous engaging in bad habits like drinking and eating fatty foods may lead to cancer, melanoma or other diseases.The group is emphasizing the need to control our thirst for liquor and beer, especially among women, and food that may eventually post health hazards in the future. It was found that women consuming moderate amounts of alcohol may increase their risk of breast cancer. Comparing a heavy drinker woman consuming three or more glasses each day from a nondrinker, the former has a 51-percent increased risk of ER+/PR+ breast cancer.Although links have yet to be established why women who drink alcohol have a greater risk of having breast cancer, but the results of the findings showed that many drinkers have suffered from breast cancer. At the same time, women who take hormone re…

Buying Petite Clothing Made Easy™

All you girls 5’ 4” and under, fight for your right for high quality fashionable clothes! Many petite women find it difficult to find properly fitting quality clothes. It’s only recently that designers target petite women with fashionable clothing. This year, fashion is all about you and your style. Fashion is about confidence. If you feel great in an outfit, others can’t help but feel your vibes. In the past petite women had to settle for ill fitting regular clothes in run-of-the-mill sizes. But that’s long in the past. Today’s petite women find more and more stores devoted to meeting the needs of the short statured. Petite framed women can wear just about any style and look slimmer and most importantly taller, by following a few simple rules. Avoid bold, large patterns with heavy fabrics. Keep print in proportion to your figure. Smaller frames deserve smaller prints. Avoid styles that draw the eye to the waist or hip area. These tend to make you look more round. Avoid too much jewe…

Easy Home Cooking™

Balance diet of food is the key for keep healthy, strength and active therefore to develop of mind intelligent. As we all knew, pyramid chart of food is very important to us to having a complete and balance dietary. We are what we eat..

Preparing a dish either breakfast, lunch or dinner can turn tiredness and headache especially for a mom that having a career and very limited time to prepare the food. This make mom did a short way by serving the canned food, or a ready-made food. This scenario turned the family having a very high cholesterol and healthiness food for their families.

With the right preparation of cooking, this situation can be able avoid. How do you feel when your family or customer appreciated on what you had doing. Like your kids says “its not enough”, or “give me more”..? You will get the feel of cooking satisfaction..!

Preparing the healthy food doesn’t meant you have to provide the expensive materials. There are several items like fruits, vegetables, and other raw mat…