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Wedding Speech Tips Submitted by You, the Readers™

You have a wedding speech to write - but what will you say ? Here's some tips submitted by people like you who have been to weddings and seen not only the good, but also the bad.

Remember that you're not taking an exam or making a political speech, simply relax as you are addressing your friends and family. Make sure that you know what you are going to say - it is okay to have a cheat sheet. The waiting will be harder than the speech giving. Remember you are addressing the warmest, friendliest audience you will ever face. Most of all be prepared? Get assistance if needed with close friends and relatives. Do your homework and do not forget to mention all the people who were involved with the wedding planning as they mean a lot to the Bride and Groom.

When writing a wedding speech it is important to always speak from the heart. First, don't wait until the night before the wedding to complete the speech. Work on it a little bit at a time a few weeks before the wedding. Talk abo…

Accessories for Spring 2008™

With spring around the corner, what are the fashion trends in accessories for 2008? There are lots of fun, chic looks to choose from.The best part is that you can update your accessories for very little money, and still project a polished image for work or evening.1. Flower power is back, in everything from print blouses to dresses and skirts. But you don't have to fall into the flower power pit, especially for business wear.How to wear it: Look for small accents in your accessories. Flower jewelry such as brooches are a fun way to perk up a simple jacket. Scarves are big, and a flower scarf can jazz up a simple outfit. Keep the look simple by adding one flower piece, not a riot of flowers, especially for the workplace.2. Shoes: this year you'll see everything from gladiator sandals to platform wedges.How to wear them: For the office, stay away from the extremes. High platforms or extreme gladiators are great for weekend wear, but detract from a business like look by day.Look …

Tips On How To Buy A Down Comforter™

A down comforter is one of those items that can turn any bedroom from something ordinary into something very warm and inviting. Not only will they keep you nice and warm on a cold night, but a comforter will also add color to any room decor.Since a down comforter is not a small expense it's good to know how to buy a down comforter before making any purchase. Here are some quick tips to help in knowing what to keep in mind.How warm do you want to be?Do you sleep with extra blankets on the bed ? Or, are you someone who easily gets hot under too many covers ?This is important to keep in mind because you will find down comforters in all types of different fills. You wouldn't want a thick, heavy comforter if you rarely sleep under heavy blankets.What is your budget?Comforters are available in all price ranges. You can find a high end hypoallergenic goose down comforter to a more modestly priced polyester filled down comforter. Of course, the higher the quality, the longer it will l…

Dating Tips For Women - 5 Tips on How You Can Dress to Impress Your Date™

We all know men are visual creatures. Comparing a plainly dressed woman with a well dressed woman, the latter will definitely look more attractive! Even if you are not the hottest babe in town, you can still be a head-turner with the clothes you wear!1) Make sure you do not wear clothes that are out of date or too trendy for youIf you have clothes hanging in your wardrobe for the last decade, check if they are very out of date already. If you wear out of date stuff, it gives the guy an impression that you belong to the last era too. Of course, sometimes retro fashion does make a comeback, but if your clothes are nowhere near the current retro style, keep them out of your date's sight.If you are a woman of mature age, dressing to look like a young adult may actually look strange on you. Keep abreast of the latest fashion trends, but do not overdo it as it may actually backfire if the trendiest look does not suit you at all.If you are not sure what is good for you, stick to traditio…

Top 3 Travel Light Tips For Stylish Women On The Go™

No need to worry about exceeding the luggage limit when you travel if you bring only the bare necessities. No need to travel like a monk. You can dress very well and look perfect at all times, right out of the suitcase. The trick lies in careful planning.Tip #1. Plan Your WardrobeDo you look good in black? If you do, then lucky you. Just get1 long sleeved black top

1 short sleeved black top

1 black camisole

1 pair of black pants

1 pair of jeans

1 long black skirt

1 short black skirt

Several sets of underwear

2 or 3 comfortable outfits to sleep in.Okay, you could mix, black with white or go for brown/tan/earth tone clothes instead of black if those suit you better. Or you could be the lady in red by swapping black for red.Tip #2. Plan Your SkincareAre you going to the tropics?Will you be going to a place where the climate is dry and cold?Plan your skincare accordingly. In a dry climate, you would need a richer moisturizer. You may need a rich lip balm to keep lips from cracking on top of a ric…

Apartment Safety Tips For Single Women™

An apartment complex is like a small town where you have your friends, people whose faces just look familiar and some people that are complete strangers. There are places in the complex where you are more likely to gather with others. Some of these areas are; the office for the apartments, the club house, the laundry room, the pool/tennis courts area, the mailboxes section and the trash dumping area. Below is a breakdown of the different locations and the precautions you might consider:Office Area
This is usually the safest place of the complex because there usually is more than one person present. It is where some checks are dropped off by renters or someone is complaining about their kitchen sink, etc. You still need to keep your guard up, in case someone for some reason gets angry, but usually the anger is targeted toward the office employee.Mailbox Area
This area is one of the most dangerous and you should always keep your guard up! Criminals keep a close eye on mailbox sections of …

Seven Ways to Make Your Woman Look and Feel Good™

Every woman loves to be pampered. And most of all, we love it when our men are the ones doing the pampering! If you want to earn a woman’s affection, the best way to do it is to make her feel sexy, relaxed, and loved. Here are seven sure-fire things you can do for your woman that are guaranteed to get you results.

How about a day at the spa ?

Nothing gets a woman feeling relaxed and pampered like a day full of deep-tissue massages, mud baths, and facials. A spa visit is a luxury every woman can enjoy, and you’ll be a prince in her eyes if you surprise her with one—especially during a particularly stressful time, like the holidays or during an anniversary. Believe me, she’ll be so relaxed and stress-free after you treat her to a spa day, she’s sure to want to make you feel as good as she does.

What about a Shopping Spree ?

Most women love to shop. Especially if your wife or girlfriend doesn’t indulge herself often, a shopping spree will be a much-appreciated treat. But don’t just write…

Say it With Roses !™

Many women and even several men know the value of sending flowers for special occasions. More than any other flower, roses are seen as the ultimate symbol of love and affection. But what many people don’t seem to know is the symbolism behind the roses themselves – they just buy what looks pretty. The colors, types, and display of roses have their own significant meanings, which should be taken into account when purchasing roses for that special someone. If your relationship is strictly friendly, stick with pale-colored roses, as in general, they signify friendship. Pale pink and peach colors signify admiration, sweetness, and gratitude, which make these roses the perfect choices for floral gifts of friendship. Yellow roses, though a symbol of friendship, also signifies jealousy, so be careful when choosing yellow roses in a bouquet. However, to signify your happy feelings for your friend, a bouquet of red and yellow roses together is the ideal choice. Romantic relationships in their e…

Makeup Tips for Beautiful Eyes™

Eyes – the windows of the soul. Eyes give your face energy and individuality and do not have to be a certain size or shape to be considered pretty -all eyes have their own unique beauty. When makeup is applied to look natural it will bring out the eye’s true color and enhance the eye’s beauty. When you feel good about your makeup you will be more confident and will have one less thing to worry about. A subtle application of eyeliner, shadows and mascara work together to create magic and make your eyes look their best. Eye ShadowEye shadow is meant to highlight and define the eyes. Eye shadow is used to create depth to bring out the beauty of the eyes. A dark color used on the lid will make the eye appear smaller, while a lighter color will make it appear larger. That is what eye shadow is about - creating illusions. These are the basic techniques for the following eye shapes: Small eyes: Don’t use too much shadow or liner – it will make you eyes look smaller. Apply a light color on ey…

Using Royal Jelly For Skin Care™

If you don't know what it is, you might think that Royal Jelly sounds more like something you'd spread on your toast rather than your skin. However the truth is, a lot of people use Royal Jelly as part of their daily skin care routines. Despite its funny-sounding name, Royal Jelly is for real. In fact it's a 100% natural product that is actually derived from the secretions of male worker bees. If you think you'd rather not put something like that onto your skin, I suggest you keep reading. A Look Inside Royal Jelly If you were to break Royal Jelly down into its individual components, you would find that it is made up of mostly water (60 - 70%), protein (about 12 - 15 %), and sugar (10 - 16%). The remaining components include fats, salts, amino acids and an abundance of vital minerals and vitamins. In an active bee colony, worker bees feed these rich secretions to bee larvae. After a few days of giving over their Royal Jelly, the worker bees begin to focus only on the …

A Plus Size Bra Will Make Your Naturally Curvy Body Look Even More Tempting™

To find a bra that is both supportive and comfortable is a monumental task and this is where plus size bras come to the rescue. With todays ever increasing market there are plus size bras available for the support you need and the comfort you want, as well as that extra added beauty.

Plus size bras have done away with all the trials we women had to put up with in the past. With all the brands and varieties available, you can not only find plus size bras that you will love wearing, but bras that will accentuate your naturally curvaceous figure.

When we think of plus size bras, automatically we may picture two huge domes with hulking thick straps, digging uncomfortably into our shoulders. This picture is a thing of the past, sexy plus size bras are the future and are here to stay!

You can get extremely feminine lacy plus size bras, or sultry satin, silk and lace bras with under wire for extra support, strapless plus size bras, and even minimizer full figure bras. The companies have realize…

The Origins of Babydoll Lingerie™

Have you ever wondered where or what the origins of baby doll lingerie are? Well, look no further! The babydoll - sometimes spelled baby doll or baby-doll - can trace its origins to the short bed jackets trimmed with lace and the wide variety of bed capes worn by women in the 1930s and 1940s. At the time, a babydoll nightgown had a hemline that came to about 6 inches above the knee. Most still do today.

The name “babydoll” is said to have come from a 1956 movie by that name (“Baby Doll”), which starred Carroll Baker as a 19 year old virgin. The style of nightgown worn in the movie soon became popular amongst the general public.

Later, the babydoll was transformed into a short day wear dress. Because the style invoked a sense of innocence and youthfulness, the babydoll was soon to be found back in the bedroom, only this time in a more provocative style. Since many babydolls are styled to have a very short hemline, revealing the buttocks, they are quite popular and help to enhance sexual …

Women With Low Self Esteem Can Fail To Reach Their Full Potential !™

Many strong, capable women suffer from low self-esteem, which sabotages their efforts to accomplish great things. However, it is possible to take charge of your life!

One of the major problems women face when confronting their feelings of low self-esteem is the opinion of other women. Rather than supporting each others efforts, women can be cruel to one another. Gossiping and backbiting are common among female family members, friends and colleagues. If you find yourself in a situation that drains your feelings of self-worth, take positive steps. Sometimes all you need to do is discuss the matter openly. Talk with the friend who always makes cruel remarks or the coworker who constantly makes negative comments about your work. Women who act like this often suffer from low self-esteem themselves; they use this behavior to compensate for what they believe are their shortcomings. And do not fall into the same trap!

When friends or co-workers discuss other women in a negative manner, do not b…

How to Choose a Women's Dress Shoe™

There is something about shoes that turns a woman's head. Simply mention the words "shoe shopping" in a group of women, stand back and watch the excitement. Generally speaking, shoes serve a specific purpose: to house and protect the foot. However, women seem to have a special bond with shoes that elevates them from a fundamental dressing accessory to a much higher level.

Comfort and Time

There are varying opinions on where to shop for shoes, how much to spend and how to choose the perfect style to fit a particular occasion. With so many different points of view, there remains one requirement for shoes that trumps all others-comfort. How many times have you been in a rush and did not put the time and effort into trying on a pair of shoes before buying them? It is probably a safe bet that this has happened to all of us at one time or another. If shoes are bought in haste and not enough time is given to determining comfort, sore feet will be the result-guaranteed!

Easy Choice…