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Women's Health Advice: Discover Anti Aging Vitamins™

Women age as their body cells die and when new healthy cell generation is hindered simultaneously. Premature aging can result from inadequate nutrition caused by years of poor dietary habits. Why? Because our bodies need certain amounts of vitamins to produce healthy cells and repair damaged cells. For many women, healthy cells can promote anti aging more than anything elseFree Radicals: Enemies to Your Anti Aging EffortsWhen your diet lacks the vitamins needed for healthy cell rejuvenation, it will produce high amounts of free radicals, or highly reactive oxygen molecules. Free radicals will attack your healthy cells, thus, accelerating the aging process. Foods high in fat content, pesticides and ultraviolet radiation exposure can also contribute to free radical production and hinder your anti aging efforts.Vitamins for Anti AgingVitamins have been a source of good women's health for years, but new discoveries through the cutting edge science in genomics reveal that certain amoun…

Early Menopause Linked to Smoking™

Women who smoke are likely to undergo menopause at a younger age than nonsmokers, according to the findings of two studies involving more than 3,500 middle-aged women in seven countries.In fact, the studies showed, the more a woman smokes, the earlier her menopause is likely to occur. The average age for menopause in women who have quit smoking was found to fall between that of light smokers (half a pack a day) and that of women who never smoked.Most women in developed countries stop menstruating between the ages of 44 and 54, with the average age around 50. In one of the studies, the researchers found that at ages 48 to 49, a woman who smokes a pack or more a day is nearly twice as likely to be past menopause as a woman who never smoked. At ages 50 to 51, 79 per cent of the women who smoked a pack or more a day were past menopause, as against 56 per cent of those who never smoked.This "striking association" between smoking and the onset of menopause was accidentally discove…

Wedding Hair Style – Achieve The Perfect Beautiful, But Formal Look™

With formal hairstyling trends taking a step back from the rigidly crafted styles of yesterday, today's wedding hair styles are free, natural and a great deal easier to attain than they were a few years ago. But even though this is true, the bridal hair style is probably the most important style that you are going to choose for quite a while so it is best served by a little research and practice before the big day. On your wedding day, hundreds of eyes will be on you, and your chosen bridal hair style can either complete the picture or detract from it. That is why it is so important to choose the perfect formal hairstyle well in advance of the big day so that you and your stylist can get it right and make custom additions to your wedding hair style. Nothing is worse than a hastily crafted coif decided upon only minutes before the ceremony. You can begin your search for the perfect bridal hair styles and bridesmaid hair styles by browsing through style books that highlight formal u…

The Engagement Ring Etiquette Survival Guide Offers Advice for the Smoooooth Brotha™

Engagement ring etiquette is oh so important, because your chick will be retelling the story of all the details related to her engagement ring and proposal over and over and over....i'm not joking. Here are some common questions that guys have about engagement ring etiquette.

1) Who pays for the ring ?

Sorry guys, but you are supposed to foot the entire bill. Plus, you can use this as leverage for the next fifty years when your wife asks you what you've done for her lately. You can point to her ring and recount the many hours you toiled saving up for it. If your financial situation sucks, consider gettting a less expensive ring now and upgrading later or taking out a loan. Is it fair? No, but life isn't always fair.

2) Must the engagement ring be a surprise or does the bride pick out her own ring ?

The ring does not necessarily have to be a surprise. In the past, engagement ring etiquette dictated that the man choose the ring, and then presentit if the woman accepted his marri…

Short Hair Style ? Make It Stylish, Sexy And Chic™

Short hair style ? Make it stylish, sexy and chicIn all of its transformations and variations, the short hair style has always been numbered at the top of the list when it comes to versatility, style and manageability. No other style catches the eye quite like the short hair style and no other style makes the wearer look as professional, chic and sexy as the short hair style Short hair styles worn by women are a fairly new style trend when compared with women's hair styles in general. In fact, cropped styles only came to the forefront of fashion a little more than 50 years ago. Since that time, the short hair style has given women the freedom to express themselves in numerous ways. From the funky and spiked to the soft and feminine, the short hair style can be worn by any woman of any personality, style and age. Short hair no matter what the ageIt has long been a held belief that an older woman should wear a short hair style to make her appear younger. While there is some truth in…

Menstrual Cycles And Ovarian Cysts™

In the post-menopausal group, I would say 50 percent of those are going to have a cancer risk associated with the cyst, and certainly as one gets older than 50, that increase goes markedly up. Certainly if a 75-year-old woman came in with any type of cyst, that should be looked into aggressively. So the problem in management really is when you have a prepubital girl who comes in and has a documented large cyst, you're going to operate. The post-menopausal woman is going to be followed very aggressively and most likely, she's going to be operated on. The key in management is, the challenge is, well how do you manage the reproductive age group? Which is the majority of where these cysts show up and we'll talk about here, that in a minute.

But I want to say something about the size of cysts. And a cyst depends on your definition. We've already said that a cyst is a fluid filled sac, but how big is it? Clearly it's any size, but most likely a cyst is going to be visible…

Vaginal Odor May Cause Serious Problems If Left Untreated™

Vaginal odor may limit sexual activity in a relationship; the woman feels uncomfortable, and the man becomes a little distant. However, the vagina has a distinct smell that is not a problem. Each girl has a particular vaginal smell; it is natural. Even when you notice a recent difference in its smell, it is not necessarily an infection. That change may be linked to a specific moment of your menstrual cycle because the smell of your vagina can vary depending on the time of the cycle.A healthy vagina always emerges a discrete odor at one time or another. It is normal that it has a certain odor sometimes. Whether this natural smell is neutral or not, it is a matter of personal judgment. In fact, some women notice their odor when there is no notable odor detected by their partners. However, if the odor changes and becomes strongly unpleasant (repugnant fishy vaginal odor), this change deserves attention because it is perhaps a sign of a serious vaginal infection. Left untreated, this cond…

The Popularity of Natural Breast Enlargement™

Natural breast enlargement is a very popular choice among women today who are looking for a safe, affordable way to enhance the size and shape of their breasts. Research shows that breast pills that are made with herbs are very effective for breast enhancement. There are many brands of herbal breast pills on the market today.Many women claim to have success with breast enhancement simply by taking these herbal supplements. Decades of research have gone into discovering the effects of herbs for breast enlargement and the combined effect that these herbs have. The amount of each herb in breast pills is tested so that the smallest effective amount of each herb is used to minimize the risk of any unwanted side effects. Any unwanted side effects are usually very mild and temporary and may include headaches, nausea, and an increased sensitivity of the breasts.Most herbal breast pill companies claim that customers can expect an average growth of one to two cup sizes. Depending on the woman a…

Household Gifts Every Woman will Love™

If you're tired of giving the same gifts year after year to your wife, mother, daughter, or lady friend, you're not alone. Sure, jewelry items such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and charms are always a great gift for ladies. And lots of women adore beautiful lingerie, fashionable clothing garments, and popular leather goods such as coats, boots, and purses. But if you want to do things a little differently this year for a birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, or an anniversary gift, try these household gifts to dazzle her with something new and useful.Gifts to Make Kitchen Life EasierIf the woman you love enjoys cooking and spends lots of time in the kitchen, there are many fabulous gifts to make kitchen life easier. Try some dinnerware or a set of new sharp knives. Other great kitchen gift items include blenders, food processors, cookware, fryers, coffee makers, bowl sets, juicers, mixers, slow cookers, microwaves, toasters, and many other household kitchen products. Th…

Pine Wood Furniture is the Most Elegant Furniture™

Pine trees could be the most abundant tree species in the world. Using and patronizing pine wood furniture is environmentally sustainable because it does not threaten the extinction of this species. Some companies manufacturing it label themselves as "Carbon Neutral" because they support and maintain tree plantations that help absorb ozone-depleting gases.Pines are endemic in the northern hemisphere and the tropical regions just above the equator. Nevertheless, some pine trees are found across the border of the southern hemisphere, specifically in Sumatra. Today, pine trees have become an invasive species in the southern hemisphere after massive plantations are established in the Latin America region, in Africa, and down beyond the equator until New Zealand and the Australian continent.A pine tree could grow as tall as 80 meters (average is 15-45 meters height) and could live in thousands of years. The oldest known standing tree is the Pinus longaeva, popularly known as the …

Tips on Collecting and Buying Vintage Wrist Watches™

Buying and collecting vintage wrist watches is often stressful. Especially if you do not know much about them. But it can also be fun, once you get the hang of it. They often have a unique history, and you will be surprised by all of the features and complications that were available back then. The pioneer watch makers have set the stage for some the most advanced movements(gears and pinions inside a watch) that world has ever seen.So what type of Vintage Wrist Watch should you buy ?
Well that depends on quite a few things: taste, money you are willing to spend, time you want to take repairing your watch, time period. I would recommend that if you are starting out, you only stick with good quality brands: For example Hamilton and Citizen would be a great place to start. They have always made great watches and have a great reputation in watch community.What are your tastes when it comes to vintage watches:
Do you like the old chronographs(aka stop watches) or are you more into moon phase…

Watch Out for These Tips to Buying a Men's Watch™

When it comes to men's accessories, nothing is more underrated to wear than a classy watch. A men's watch is actually more of a piece of fashion than a tool to tell time anymore. The right watch can actually be a reflections of your personality. It is a simple yet quick way of showing a confident and successful image to the world. Almost anybody can own a bunch of inexpensive Timex watches throughout their life but its those expensive ones that last a lifetime in quality and prestige.The idea I'm trying to convey is a watch is one piece of a man's wardrobe that every man needs. Don't even think about wearing a gold chains or even a thumb-rings boy. The idea is to look good while looking normal. With a nice, classy watch, you get what you pay for. Here are some of the important things you need to keep your eyes out for next time you go watch shopping:

A stainless-steel bracelet - If you're looking for a good watch, then you better be sure the bracelet is made fro…

Tips For a Successful Tented Wedding at Home™

Many brides have dreamed their whole lives about getting married in their parents' backyard. There is something just so special about having your wedding at the house where you grew up. It adds a whole layer of new memories to the place where you feel most at home.Many brides also think that having a wedding at home will be more affordable than at a country club or other venue. Actually, the opposite is usually true, because you have to rent or purchase each and every thing at your wedding, whereas venues will provide you with many of the basics, such as china and linens. You may find having a wedding planner to coordinate the many details to be an invaluable investment.One of the biggest (in size and price) items at a backyard wedding is the tent. Unless your guest list is very small, you really must have one. Of course you will need it in case of rain, but you also need it in case of sun to protect your guests. Although it adds considerably to the cost, when you order your tent,…

3 Great Tips For Unique Wedding Cake Toppers !™

Here are 3 tips for unique wedding cake toppers that will really get you noticed and will get you more attention and "WOW" factor for your wedding . Specifically we'll discuss all about how to show off your personality, individuality, and to get recognition on YOUR day.1. Personality - Is Tradition Making You Boring ?Personality for your wedding is such a difficult thing to do if you are sticking to the "traditional" way of going about things. You try and keep to the tradition of a white dress whilst the groom will have a tuxedo or suit. You'll have the ceremony, followed later in the the day with the reception. Where the focus of the day will be the all important cake.How many hours did you spend selecting your cake? Testing different flavours ? How many designs did you look at before you decided on which one was the right one for your special day? You want it personal right? Ok, then how long did it take you to look through "unique wedding…