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How Often Should I Color My Hair ?

"It depends on the growth rate of your hair" says colorist Giselle of the Pierre Michel salon in Manhattan. "You should go in for a highlight application every two to four months, and single process color application about every six weeks."

Giselle, who has pumped up the blonde in such actresses as Sharon Stone and Renee Zellwegger, also says, "During the summer hair grows faster, but it also naturally lightens up, so you don't have to get your highlights done as often as during the winter."

What's the Best Way to Apply Foundation ?

The worst mistake women make in applying foundation is to cover their entire face with the stuff. They end up with a mask-like, unnatural look. Here's the best way to apply foundation or tinted moisturizer (a great alternative to foundation):

1. Start with a clean, moisturized face. Dab dots of concealer on undereye circles or blemishes. Tab the concealer into place (never rub). Makeup artist Bobbi Brown suggests using concealer before foundation because you won't use as much foundation if you conceal problem spots first. There's no real rule to whether you apply foundation or concealer first.

2. Dot foundation on red spots or uneven areas of skin (usually the chin, along or on the nose, under the eyes and the corners of the mouth). Again, do not cover the entire face, your goal is to achieve an even skin tone.

2. Moving from the inside of your face outward, blend the foundation into skin. You can use your fingers, a nylon brush or a wedge sponge.

3. Blend at the hairline and …

Bed Skirts and Down Comforter Sets

You've never approved of miniskirts that show your rose tattoo, but you think it's the height of prissiness to have a long bedskirt with a down comforter set. If you have a twin extra long bed with a down comforter, you may need that 18" or 21" drop bedskirt--drop refers to how tall a bedskirt is, like the drop off the mountain you won't climb in a micro-mini. The drop is the distance from the floor to the top of the box spring. A longer drop bedskirt in the same maroon as your down comforter cover may make the whole bed and especially the comforter down look top-heavy, depending on the height of your mattress.

One solution is to use bed lifters with lesser-height beds that have down comforter sets. That way, your black down comforter looks loftier and taller rather than drowning your bed in fabric. Remember that you can take your bedskirt home and try it with your bed and down comforter set.

Most down comforter sets include a bedskirt that's coordinated with …

Selecting Bed Sheets

Sleeping in bed is the most rejuvenating part of a person's life. So a comfortable bed and bedding that complements the overall bedroom décor is a must. Since bed sheets are the most visible part of a bed, high quality bed sheets can make quite a difference to the visual appeal and comfort level of the room. Here are a few tips on choosing the right kind of bedsheets: While most of the mattresses come in standard sizes such as 'King-sized', 'Queen-sized' and 'Full-sized', the customized mattresses with pillow tops and other accessories attached to them can make them larger and wider and will need larger bedsheets than the standard ones available in the market. Thus, it is better to measure the bed and the mattress size that you use beforehand, so that the bedsheets you buy are of appropriate sizes. Thread count per inch or TPI is an important factor to be considered while buying a bed sheet. Bedsheets with higher TPI (more than 250) are softer, more comfort…

Natural Face Lift

Aging - turn back the clock - is a fact of life. It is an inevitable process that we cannot really escape from as the years take their toll on our bodies. But despite this inescapable fact, there are a lot of women who spend a great deal of time, effort and money to keep themselves looking young regardless of their real, chronological age. It is largely due to our youth-oriented culture, where beauty always translates to youth.

Trying to look young is not really bad at all. After all, who does not want to look young for as long as she can? It is just that most of the methods available right now to keep those wrinkles and sags at bay are too expensive and too effort-intensive. Anti-aging creams and lotions are good for keeping the skin looking young, healthy and wrinkle-free, but what about the sags ? It seems that the only way to get rid of those sags is to go under the knife and have a face lift.

A surgical face lift is expensive and scary. A lot of times, it also looks unnatural. Ther…


There is nothing more attractive then a woman dressed up or casual looking, wearing open toes shoes, or sandals and her feet look clean and maintained. Keeping those soles heavenly are another thing. If you cannot afford to visit your spa monthly do what the rest of the working world does. Do them yourself ! But if you can visit your spa twice a year it really helps. If you can plan a winter Pedicure and a before summer Pedicure at your spa, keeping them maintained in the meantime is simple. Stock up on some products before hand always be prepared.

Foot Scrub

Purchase a good foot scrub. Every Department store carries them and they are made for every type of skin. Soak your feet for a good 10 minutes in warm water then use the foot scrub to exfoliate any dead skin cells. Giving your feet and calf a new smooth layer of clean skin.

Nail File Kit & Cuticle Oil

If you go to a dollar store you can find kits that already have the files and clippers that you need for your Pedicure. Most inclu…

Color Matching

Matching Black & White
While we call black and white colors in their own right, they are actually not. Technically speaking, white is the complete absence of color combined with a maximum of lightness. Black, on the other hand, is a combination of all colors with a maximum level of darkness. Both white and black can be combined with any color (even themselves) and work well. These "colors" are considered exceptions to the rules of color matching.

Matching Reds
When matching reds with other colors it is easier to work with darker red shades, such as brick red. Since red has violet and orange as analogous colors, shades of these colors often work well, especially when the colors are kept away from opposing levels of light or dark.

The compliment to red is green, and can make for a reasonable color match so long as you keep the colors muted. Otherwise you create an ugly clash as the colors make one another stand out far too much, or in unpleasant ways.

Be especially cautious in…

about puffer jackets

The leather puffer has arrived. Puffer jackets have been through a rollercoaster in women’s fashions terms: out of fashion, chavvy, not so chavvy. With winter round the corner it seems puffer jackets are getting a look-in alongside the usual ladies winter coats at the moment.

Gap has a gorgeous buttery soft puffer in quilted leather. It’s expensive but team it with blue jeans and a cute hat and you are bang in season.

It’s worth mentioning that if it comes with a designer label doesn’t automatically make it worth buying. Rock and Republic do a men’s version and frankly it’s disgusting. Firstly, it looks plastic, secondly it looks stiff and thirdly it looks like a tyre. Not a good look, especially with the added puff for the Michelin look.

However, Ralph Lauren have a lambskin puffer with a faux fur collar. It’s brown, so it immediately looks much nicer and cosier and more expensive than the black. Beware though, if you go hunting for this - and I strongly recommend that you do - you migh…