15 Tips for dry skin

1. Take food which contains little amount of oils and cheese

2. Mix 2-3 drops of rose water in 2 tbsp. of cream on the top of milk and massage to your face and wash with warm water after 20 min.

3. Take egg yellow mix 3 tbsp. of cream on the top of milk and apply to face wait till it dries and wash with basin flour. Don’t apply around the eye.

4. Take very ripe banana and massage with mashed banana for 5 min. and wait for 15 min then wash your face with warm water.

5. Mix 2 drops of honey in cream on the top of milk and massage that to your face and neck and after 1 hr take shower with warm water.

6. To avoid dryness in skin use milk. Because milk contains moisturizer. Take a tbsp. of milk and apply to face and neck and take shower with warm or cold water every day.

7. If you are out of home it’s not possible to do all these right. So…. Here is a tip… add 10-12 drops of coconut oil in your bathing water or apply coconut oil to your body and take bath.

8. Use moisturizing lotions.

9. Apply cold cream before you go to bed and after 15-min wipe off with cotton.

10. Apply moisturizer before you do your make-up. It will keep the make-up for long time.

11. Dry skin: Don’t wash your face with soap. Because it makes more dry. In fresh butter add basin flour and olive oil and make a paste and apply to face every morning and evening wait 10 min and wash with warm water do this for about a month, you will see a difference in your face.

12. Avoid using harsh soaps.

13. Use cleansing milk to clean.

14. Use moisturizes .

15. Make-up with light foundation.


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