Beauty Tips

1) Smile - Smiling makes you shine ! When you smile, the whole world smiles back! You also use less energy and less facial muscles when you have a big smile or grin on your face ! So smile a lot, and frown only when you have too !

2) Tuck You Hair - Simply tucking your hair back behind your ears can knock 10 years off your looks ! I started noticing that I looked ‘better’ somehow, when I wore my hair tucked behind my ears. Pulling your hair back into a quick ponytail also works wonders. See how creative you can get ! This is one of those anti aging beauty tips you can do as you're walking out the door !

3) No Time for Makeup ? - When you don’t have time to apply full makeup, pick one thing! Lipstick is one item I’m never without and can add color and a healthy glow. Or simply use mascara to enlarge and open up your eyes. Try different colors of mascara for different moods and activities.

4) Curls - If you want professional looking curls, straighten your hair before curling it. Your curls will look cleaner and neater if you simply take the time to straighten your hair before you curl it. You’ll look like you (and your curls) been at the hairdresser’s all day!

5) Pluck - If your eyebrows are looking a little unruly, take time to pluck them every week. The rest of your makeup might look great but if your eyebrows are whacked out, it can take away from your look. Pluck eyebrows later in the day or before you go to bed to ensure that you get to work on time the next day. Use a toner after plucking to calm down your skin and return it back to its natural pH.

6) Discolorations - If you have facial discolorations, you can hide them by using mineral makeup. Products like Colorstay will help maintain their application all day long. Apply Colorstay to dark or white spots on your skin, then apply another layer on top of the first layer. Your complexion will look perfectly blended and discolorations will vanish!

7) Toner - If you like a clean, fresh look, and you like having smaller pores, use a toner every night before you go to bed and after you take off makeup. Toners help balance the pH of your skin while deep cleaning and shrinking pores. Makeup goes on a lot smoother on clean, balanced skin!

8) Get Rid of Mustaches - Lets face it ladies, mustaches were meant for men only! You simply won’t look great if you have a lot of facial hair! Zip them, wax them, pluck them but never shave them! (Shaving makes your hair appear to grow in thicker and may be harmful to your delicate facial skin.) Don’t forget wandering hair on your chin either ! These can be just as disconcerting as a mustache ! Getting rid of unwanted facial hair is one of the most important anti aging beauty tips you can do for yourself !

9) Hair Color - Coloring your hair has never been easier ! There are a wide variety of colors to choose from ! For a different look in a snap, try a new hair color! If you don’t want an overall color, simply applying a few highlights around your face can light up your eyes and your face. Lowlights throughout the rest of your hair can add dimension and depth. Choose colors that blend well with your own natural hair color and your skin tone.

10) Use Eye Drops - If your eyes are looking a little blood shot and tired, whiten them quickly and easily with some eye drops. If you buy ‘off brands’ or generic brands, you can save a bundle of money and keep the attention on you, instead of your streaking eyes. This is one of the most sensible anti aging beauty tips! If your eyes are red and irritated, you won't look great at all!


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