Dress a Platform Bed

How to Dress a Platform Bed:
• In the winter, use lots of layers to build up warmth. We use a sheet, blanket, quilt (and sometimes a throw).
• Start with a fitted sheet or flat undersheet.
• Lay the top sheet, blanket, and quilt on the bed.
• Position so that the layers hang evenly over each side of the bed.
Turn down the top of the quilt so that a little bit of blanket shows at the top of the bed.
• Tuck the end of the sheet/blanket/quilt snugly under the end of the mattress, smoothing them flat against the platform.
• Repeat on the sides of the bed.
• If you have a little corner of quilt peeking out at the bottom of the bed, fold it under the end of the mattress.
• Fold a top throw into a long rectangle.
• Lay the throw across the mid-section of the bed, towards the end of the mattress.
• Tuck the ends of the throw smoothly underneath the mattress.
• Fold the quilt back at both ends to create even more of a "striped" effect.
• For a relaxed look, leave a throw blanket untucked across the bed.
• Create a super-crisp look with white blankets on white sheets.
• A long bolster pillow highlights the horizontal lines of the bed.


platform beds said…
Hey, this furniture seems very beautiful and extra ordinary in look. Even the comfort level is also good. Thanks for sharing a great piece of art.
Foam-By-Mail said…
Really good tips here on maximizing the enjoyment of your platform bed. Another I'd like to add in addition to the layers for warmth in the winter is the potential addition of a memory topper, since they're soft and sleep a little warmer than traditional materials.

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