Electric Shaver vs. Blade Shaving

Properly used, most electric shavers can give you a shave that is every bit as close as, if not closer than a shave obtained from a blade razor. Why is this possible ? An electric shaver rolls up the skin ahead of the whisker, forcing the whisker up above what would be considered the skin line, where it is then cut off. You might think of this as shaving your whisker off below the skin line, since the whiskers are forced up before they are sheared off. Every time you shave with a manual razor you actually take off a very thin layer of skin.

This can be a problem with people who have difficulty healing or even dangerous with people who are on blood thinning medication. This situation can be difficult with seniors who have wrinkled skin. Seniors may also have an unsteady hand making it possible to have nicks and cuts. With electric shaving, you are shaving at or below the skin line, without actually shaving the skin. When shaving with a blade there is replacement scar tissue that the body produces after every razor blade shave. You don’t produce this scar tissue with electric shaving.


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