Emo Makeup Ideas

Although there's a certain stereotype associated with the look, there are a variety of emo makeup ideas that stray from the traditional black eyes and red lips.

It takes more than a tube of extra-black mascara and a dark eyeliner pencil to really create an authentic emo look. Sure, you might get somewhere with those two items at your disposal, but, contrary to popular belief, you don't need to avoid bold colors completely. In fact, you can work them creatively onto a smoky eye, dust them subtly onto the cheekbones or apply them with a flourish to the lips. The key is to follow a few steps that differentiate the emo look from everyday makeup.

The most obvious difference may well be that emo guys and gals both tend to wear makeup. The aforementioned eyeliner and mascara, as well as black or gray eye shadow, are the basic essentials for a typical emo look. Emo makeup is also inherently dramatic, although using a light hand to apply eye makeup may tone the look down slightly.

Colors for Different Emo Makeup Ideas
It's true: Black is a staple color in the emo world, so you definitely need it to achieve this look. A few of these products are ideal:
- Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara: Intensely dark, voluminous and dramatic lashes that mirror the effect of false lashes will be yours with this rich mascara.
- MAC Eye Shadow: Try Black Tied, a true midnight hue infused with silver sparkles, or Charred, a pearlescent silver-gray.
- Urban Decay Liquid Liner: You can't go wrong with this long-lasting formula! Oil Slick is ideal for a slightly less intense, yet still a relatively sharp look. Try Perversion for an inky black shade. - Rimmel London Lycra Wear 10+ Minerals: While you sport the intensely deep, brooding shade called Hypnotize on your nails, you can count on the mineral infusion to keep the color going strong for up to 10 days.

You'll also need some color for your face, although subdued is really the best way to go when your eyes are the focal point. Consider these choices:
- MAC Studio Fix: You do want your skin to look flawless, smooth and a little pale; you don't want to look like a ghost. Problem solved with this cult classic. It's a dual powder and foundation in one, provides ample coverage and is great for all skin types. This is an optional step, though – don't feel obligated if you're happy with your natural skin tone.
- Laura Mercier Face Tint: Though it's not always called for, a hint of subtle color across the cheekbones won't take away from the emo effect. Mercier's Face Tint in Apricot is ideal for this purpose; it's less vibrant than a traditional blush, yet gives a healthy, extra-subtle glow. To wear, pick up a small amount with a fluffy powder brush and briskly dust onto the cheekbones. Blend carefully – it shouldn't actually look like blush.

How you dress up your lips is up to you, but it's best to keep it simple and understated. Some people choose to wear nothing at all on their lips. A hint of shimmer is fine, but you don't want your eyes and lips to be equally dramatic; when one shines, the other should always remain in the background.
- Philosophy Lip Shine: Gloss without color can be dull, but a little flavor adds some fun to the mix. Philosophy's glosses are packed with intense shine and they're available in a variety of flavors (as well as an unscented version).
- Clinique Glosswear for Lips: Think soft and demure if you're adding color. Kitten Pink by Clinique is a simple, natural hue that adds shine and perks up your lips without drawing attention to them.

Quick and Simple Emo makeups
Emo makeup ideas are generally simple to execute. This look isn't fussy or overly deliberate! The trickiest task is applying liberal amounts of liquid eyeliner. However, with some practice even this is easy to master.
1. Use an eye shadow base all over the eyelid to create a clean canvas for your makeup. This will help it last longer.
2. Pack a generous amount of dark shadow all over the lid. Use a shimmery, lighter gray in the crease to create an ombré (or color fading) effect. Want to add some more color? Consider red, purple or forest green as an accent color on the outer corners or at the brow bone.
3. Apply liquid eyeliner below the lash line, taking care to line as closely as possible to the lashes.
4. Apply several healthy coats of mascara.
5. Dust a hint of color onto your cheeks, taking care to blend thoroughly.
6. Slick a pale gloss on directly from the tube.


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