Fashion tips for women

Based on research spread over 4 years and discussions with as many as 5,000 women and men all over the world, we have tried to distill the key messages in our book "Flat, but proud". We have already discussed how you can wear some creatively designed tops and blouses to invite special attention to yourself.

Almost all of these ideas have been supported by men too. There is one caveat, though. Wear at your own risk of being considered too attractive by jealous women and old-fashioned men.

While only a few years ago, it was considered tacky to show your bra peeking through your dress, it is in fact a different world now. Even letting your panties or thong show is not a big deal anymore and hardly anyone even comments about it in major parts of the world.

When we summarized our findings, we discovered that letting your brassiere show was among the top five ideas suggested by women. If possible, one could either wear a sheer top (while identical colors are more common, you might want to consider contrasting the colors, for example, a black bra under a white blouse) or wear a blouse or gown that allows natural exhibition of the skin or the bra. For instance, spaghetti strap tops and dresses or ones with low necklines.

Wear a sheer blouse that allows your bra to be clearly visible without any effort. While this is a perfect combination for a date or a trip to the local bar, you can wear the exact outfit with a jacket and no one would know what you are wearing inside unless you decide to give them a peek.

Select a dress that can be typically worn without a bra. However, you can create some excitement in the party by actually wearing a delicately embroidered bra and letting everyone take a peek at it. Make sure that you thank all those who dare to praise not only your dress but your bra as well.

A nightwear with a contrast. Example both black and red are great colors for the bedroom and you can reverse the colors if you feel so.


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