Green eyes makeup

One of the first things to consider about your eye color is the darkness of it. There are various shades of green that you may have. The darker your eye color is, the most subtle your make up can be. If you like a dark, stunning eye make up, select darker color combinations. If you like your make up to be barely noticeable, then go for lighter shades.

Consider starting with a peach color for your eyeshadow. Peach can be darker or lighter, depending on your specific needs. Place it on the eye lid to start. Next, add a light brown over the top of the peach. Be very light with this color as it is just to enhance the peach and define the eye. You can also change this up with a little hit of rose colors that will further define the peach.

But, that is not all of the make up that you can use or should use for your green eyes. Next is the eyeliner. Most experts recommend using eye liner that is the same shade as your eyes. Depending on the deep color of your eye, select the right eyeliner. Consider a deep mossy green colored eye liner to start with. This will bring out the color in your eye tremendously and will help to give the eye a pronounced look. Eye liners should be used on both the bottom and the top eye lash line. Eyeliner for green eyes comes in all sorts of shades. Consider trying a couple to get the right look.

Another consideration is your blush. Although it is not really eye make up, the blush you put onto your checks still relates to the color of eyes that you have. So does the lipstick that you select. For blush, look at the color of your sink first. Realize what color it will take to create the look you want. A darker compaction obviously needs a darker color, but not overly. Here, add a deeper peach color to your checks to make your eye shadow. As for the lipstick, consider a deeper, darker peach. Even a brownish peach will be ideal for your green eyes.

Green eyes can be strikingly beautiful especially with the right make up !


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