How to Make Skinny Jeans ??

For a long time, "skinnies" have been out of fashion and hardly seen. However, a new style seems to be sweeping in. Skinny jeans are coming back, but this time with a grunge, punk edge. Looking for the right pair of skinny jeans can be time wasting, frustrating, and usually quite expensive. If you're impatient, irritated and absolutely broke, don't give up. You can still get your dream jeans-- with your own flair! You can easily save time and money by sewing your flares yourself and transforming them into a pair of skinny jeans.

1 .Put on your jeans to get an idea of the shape you want. Wear them inside-out, take a crayon or marker, and draw a line on both legs to show how tight you want them to be. Remember to make the line on the inside so when you wear them you can't see the seams on the outside of the leg. Make sure you draw the line on the opposite side of the manufacturer's original seam.

2. Grab a needle and thread. Choose thread that is preferably dark and blends in with the color of your jeans. Thread your needle after slipping off your jeans, and begin to sew. Trace over the line you drew with the running stitch.

3. Try on your jeans to see if they fit. Walk around in them to see that the legs fit well, or you may want to jog a little -- sometimes jeans can come loose if you start jogging, in which case you'll need to tighten them.

4. Make sure your stitches are tight, short, and spaced closely so that there are no bumps in your jeans and the stitches won't be pulled out in the wash. Work over each stitch as perfectly and as carefully as you can -- there's nothing worse than having a brand new pair of skinny jeans for one day, and then having the stitches all pulled out the next. This will be hard work, but it is essential.

5. Cut any excess fabric if necessary. This is an optional step, but it makes your jeans feel more comfortable. However, you might want to wear and wash your jeans at least once before you start cutting them up, in case you want to go back and fix something later on.

Tips :
  • You must have some sewing experience; otherwise you'll screw up your pants. Make sure someone who knows how to sew helps you along the way so you don't end up with trashy jeans.
  • If you are confident in your sewing abilities, you can use a sewing machine, instead of a needle and thread.
  • If you do use a sewing machine, note that you will need only to go through the line you drew once or twice. Twice only as a precuation. Once works perfectly.
    Repeat steps two and three until your jeans are the desired shape. Be patient while doing this, and take care not to skip any steps or do something carelessly -- chances are, you'll pay for it later.
  • It's best to choose thread that is similar to the color of your jeans; contrasting thread is not recommended because the stitches will be more noticeable, and people will be able to tell that your skinny jeans are DIY.

Warning :

  • Don't make your jeans so skinny that you won't be able to fit in them !
  • If you have stained jeans that you want to "skinny", be aware that the stained parts might look weird and out of order if you don't think well of which side you are going to sew of the jeans. (Try to even out fabric on both sides). Watch out for decorated seams. The deco. may be on the inside part of the jeans' legs, or outside. It may vary.


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