Coconut care for hair

Hair is our crowning glory and to keep it healthy and beautiful just include coconut in your daily life. Have you ever observed women from south India, they have long, thick, dark black hair and flawless complexion. The secret behind this is the liberal use of coconut and its oil in their food and beauty regime. Oiling hair with coconut oil is an age old tradition in India. Coconut oil nourishes the hair from the roots to ensure healthy growth. It has cooling effect on the scalp and is an excellent conditioner, rather a pre-conditioner before shampooing your hair.

Regular use of coconut oil arrests hair fall and strengthens the hair. It also adds gloss and shine to the hair, coconut oil makes the hair softer thereby making it manageable. Coconut oil has the property to penetrate the hair shaft, unlike other oils that remain on the surface of the hair, this oil penetrates three times more than any other oil.

It reaches the hair fibre right upto the cortex, which is like the heart of the hair fibre. Mineral oil and Rice bran oil should be completed avoided since they do not penetrate the hair shaft at all. For Olive oil users there is some bad news, while coconut oil can penetrate 90%, olive oil can only penetrate upto 25% in the hair shaft.

Some other oils that penetrate less than olive oil are sunflower oil and sesame oil, they penetrate just 5%. So the next time you want to oil your hair, you know which oil you should choose. Scientific studies prove that continuous use of coconut oil can reduce hair fall by 50%. Just warm coconut oil a bit and apply it on the roots and tips. For best results, leave it overnight and then shampoo your hair the next morning.


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