Darker eyebrows

Dark complexioned women may wonder what they can do to draw more attention to the eye area and enhance their facial features.

Well Groomed Eyebrows

Well groomed eyebrows can draw lots of positive attention to the eyes. Some dark complexioned women may think that they do not have to worry about grooming their eyebrows, but if they take just a few minutes each day, they can achieve a stunning look. A good pair of tweezers and a mirror is all that is required to help shape thick, bushy eyebrows. Or if you do not feel confident plucking your own eyebrows, have your eyebrows shaped by a professional who can either wax, pluck or use the eastern threading procedure to help you achieve the look that you want. Once you have worked on grooming your eyebrows, you can proceed to eyebrow make up that can help bring out your natural beauty.

Old Mascara wand

When your mascara is no longer any use to you, do not throw it away. Keep it for a little while longer. The dried up mascara is just the right consistency to use when brushing your eyebrows into shape without smudging and leaving clumps of mascara on your eyebrows. As you use the mascara wand to brush your eyebrows in an upward direction, use this opportunity to trim any of your eyebrows that are starting to get long. A good, sharp pair of cosmetic scissors is just what you need to trim and tidy up eyebrows.

Eyebrow Pencil

Choosing the right shade of eyebrow pencil may seem easy enough. If you have black eyebrows, you may naturally choose a black eyebrow pencil. This can work well for some dark complexions, but it does not always bring the best results. Black hair, eyes and eyebrows can all be a bit much. Try to experiment with a softer tone that matches your eye shadow or is slightly darker and see how you feel with the look. If you do not feel comfortable, then use a black eyebrow pencil, but soften the lines and look of the black shade by blending in any harsh lines so that it looks natural rather than pencilled in.

With a little extra time and attention to detail, dark complexioned women can achieve a stunning look just by spending time on their eyebrows. Well groomed eyebrows can draw more attention to the eye area and enhance a woman's beauty.


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