Eye Makeup Tips

Your eye makeup can really define your "look". Use it sparingly to create modest, yet beautiful eyes for the work day, and apply it heavier for dramatic, sexy eyes that are perfect for an evening out on the town.

Whether you're preparing for day or night, it's a good idea to begin by applying an eye shadow primer base to your lids to help your eye makeup look fresh longer

Creating Wide Set Eyes
Sexy EyesTo accentuate wide set eyes or to give the illusion of more distance between close set eyes, try following these eye makeup tips:

- Apply a light to medium shade of eye shadow to your entire lid area.
- Then, using a darker, complimentary color, apply this shade to the outer third of your main lid area, extending slightly beyond the outer corner of your eye.
- Use your finger tip to blend the darker color and soften the edges
- Add pencil liner, slightly widening the line at the outer edges of the eyes.
- Brush mascara onto the tips of the lashes near the inner corners, and on the full length of the lashes near the outer edges.

Creating Closer Eyes
If you feel your eyes are set a bit too wide apart, you can give them the illusion of being closer.

- Use a light to medium shade of eye shadow on your main lid area.
- Apply a slightly darker, but complimentary shade of shadow just in the inner corner of your lids, and then draw it out in a fine line along your lid crease, just to the outer corners of your eyes and blend slightly. The darker shade adds a bit of depth, and tends to draw focus, creating the illusion that your eyes are closer than they actually are.
- Add liner and mascara if you wish.

Creating Big, Bold Eyes
To really make your eyes "pop", try these eye makeup tips:

- Apply a light shade of shadow just below your brow line for a highlight effect.
- Apply a medium shade of shadow to your main lid.
- Apply a line of darker shadow along the crease of your lid to the outer edge, then soften and blend it with your fingertip.
- Apply eye liner along the length of your upper lid, just above your lash line. Then repeat just beneath the lash line on your lower lid, meeting the upper line at the outer corners of your eyes. If you use a liner pencil, you may want to use your finger to gently smudge the liner for a smokier look.

Softening Prominent Eyes
If you feel your eyes are too prominent, you can darken the lids to create the illusion of deeper set eyes.

- Apply a medium shade of shadow to the lids and skip highlighting the brow line.
- Use a darker shade of shadow or pencil liner to draw a line along the lash line of your top lids, then apply mascara to your lashes


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