Get Static Free Hair

Apart from dryness, excessive use of hair products is the reason for your hair sticking straight up. If your hair is full of static electricity for either of the two reasons, then the following tips will come handy. Go through them and know how to get static free hair.

Tips For Getting Rid Of Static Electricity In Your Hair
1. One of the best and the easiest way of getting rid of static in your hair is by lightly running a dryer sheet over your head. Divide your hair into sections and taking one of the sections, run the sheet from the scalp to the bottom of the strand. After stroking a section this way several times, move on to another sections and like this, cover all the hair.

2. One of the basic reasons of static hair is dryness. In such a case, it is advisable for you to use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, on a regular basis, at least in the winter months.
3. The dryness in hair can also be cured by giving it an intensive conditioner treatment once a week or at least once in two weeks. Warm your hair oil slightly and apply it throughout your hair, including scalp. Take hot water and dip a towel in it. Rinse out the water and wrap your hair in the warm towel. Leave for 30 minutes and then, shampoo your hair.

4. A quick fix solution for your dry, static ky hair will comprise of your moisturizing lotion. Put some lotion on the hands and rub them together, till it is nearly dry. Now, run your fingers through your hair, right from the scalp to the ends. This will keep your hair from flying away with static.

5. If your hair is not dry, rather has too much of styling products in it, then the treatment for static will differ slightly. In this case, you need to get hold of a clarifying shampoo. It use will help you get rid of too much product in your hair and thus, avoid static.

Some Tips
1. For combing your hair, always make use of wood or natural bristle brushes and avoid synthetic fibers. This is because wood and natural fibers don't hold a charge as easily as synthetics.
2. After you have styled your hair, use a finishing balm/lotion or spray gel to hold hair in place. Avoid the use of hairspray altogether, since it dries out hair and is likely to lead to more static in your hair.


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