Reasons of Falling Hair

Reasons for hair loss vary from person to person but some of the most common and simple reasons for hair loss include deficiency or overdose of certain vitamins, deficiency of protein and iron, some diseases, certain medications or infections and improper hair care.

Vitamin B complex, vitamin B12, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, and vitamin E and Vitamin C are some of the vitamins that are very essential for healthy hair. Thus the deficiency of these vitamins can lead to loss of hair. However it is also important to note that these vitamins need to be taken in right quantities else they can have adverse effect on your hair as well. For instance, intake of excess of Vitamin A has been noticed as one of the common reasons for hair loss. Apart from vitamins, proteins and iron are two nutrients that are considered extremely important for your hair. However, it is again stressed that these nutrients should be taken in right quantities as deficiency as well as overdose can lead to many health problems. The supplements of either of these nutrients should be taken only after consulting your doctor.

Thyroid patient whether suffering from underactive or overactive thyroid, usually face hair loss problems. It is because the body faces hormonal disorder due to this disorder. Thus, if you are a thyroid patient and wants to prevent hair loss, then the only way you can this is by treating your thyroid problem. Apart from thyroid there are other diseases as well which can cause fall of hair problem. Not only this, even the medication of some of the diseases can be one of the reasons for hair loss. Some of these medications include the ones that are prescribed for arthritis, birth control, blood pressure, depression, gout and so on. In addition, chemotherapy that is used to treat cancer and other radiation therapies are also major reasons for hair loss. In such cases, you can ask your doctor to suggest some possible ways to prevent hair loss.

Another reason for hair loss can be some infections like scalp ringworm, yeast infection on the scalp, allergies that are caused by the use of chemical hair products, dry scalp, too much dandruff and the likes. So, in case infection is the reason for hair loss problems then it can be solved only by treating these infections. Improper hair care can also be one of the reasons for hair loss. Some people do not give adequate attention to their hair and others overindulge themselves in this practice. Inadequate hair loss results in poor nutrition to your hair and thus leads to hair loss. Others who overindulge in hair care tend to use hair care products which have chemicals in them and thus end up doing more harm than good to your hair. Both these cases can be termed as improper hair care and can lead to falling of hair.

To sum up, these are some of the common reasons for hair loss problems and keeping these factors in mind can help you find the way to solve your hair loss problem.


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