Short Hairstyles

Bob Haircut
The bob hairstyle never goes out of fashion. It epitomizes class and chic. You only need to look at such style icons as Coco Chanel who always wore a bob to understand why so many women love this hairstyle. The short bob hairstyle is a great choice for many women. One of the things that is imperative for a short bob hairstyle is that it is cut immaculately and precisely.

A short bob hairstyle can be cut at even lengths or can be cut at an angle. The style that you choose should depend on the shape of your face. If you have a thin face a short bob hairstyle with an even cut is best for you. If however, you have a round face then it is often best if the bob is cut at an angle. Though your stylist can be blamed, up to certain extent, for such photos, the main culprit is the person who chose a picture of short hair style that does not compliment his/her hair texture and face shape.

Short Choppy
Short choppy hairstyles are very fashionable right now. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing them, including Brittany Murphy and Eva Longoria. Before you rush out and get a choppy hairstyle, there are several things that you need to take into consideration.

One of the things that many women are afraid of is short hairstyles. However, the good thing about short choppy hairstyles is that they generally look good on just about anyone. Whether you have an oblong shaped face, a round shaped face or anything in between, it is likely that a short choppy haircut will

It is important for you to consider what length your short choppy hairstyle will be. Not only this may determine if you are able to care for a short choppy hairstyle, but it will also determine whether or not you will like it. Make sure that your short choppy hairstyle is long enough to at least put into a ponytail. Adding bangs to your hair will be a good idea. Have a look on these pictures that will help in your decision of choosing a short choppy haircut.

Chin Length Short Hairstyles
Short chin length hairstyles that are cut in an angle to frame the face are a very popular choice. They often include some form of bangs, usually side swept or fringe.

This short hairstyle tends to be a great option for people who fine, straight hair because it may become too unruly for people with hair that is naturally thick and curly.

Non-layered hairstyles that are cut straight across tend to be a common option among people who want chin length short hair styles. This option tends to work the best for people who have straight or wavy hair. These hairstyles are very easy to care for and look great straight. If you want a chin length short hairstyle, this is definitely one to consider if you want a sleek, sophisticated look.

Sedu Short Hairstyles
When you style your short hair style with a Sedu flat iron, this is referred to as a Sedu short hair style. Whether you want to recreate a Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes or Jennifer Anniston short hairstyle, then you may want to consider using Sedu hairstyling tools. Learn some basic tips on how you can recreate your favorite celebrity's short hair style using Sedu hairstyling tools.

The most important element of good short hairstyles for round faces is the cut. The right length is crucial in order to avoid making round faces look rounder. The best short hairstyles for women with round faces are either well above chin-length, or below the chin but several inches above the shoulders. At all costs, avoid hair that is exactly chin length, however; this length should be worn only by women with long faces.


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