Straight your own hair

Curls go in and out of style all the time, but straight hair has always been present on the scene, and will probably continue to be so forever. However, not all women have straight hair and, sometimes, getting it can be a real pain not to mention the damage we can do to it if we don’t know what to do. what can be a tricky situation a few tips to get the straight hair we’ve always wanted, right in the comfort of our home.

First off, we have to bear in mind that, if straight hair is what we want, we must have lots of patience and, above all, time to spare to get the perfect results. Stylists tell us that we should also know just the type of hair we have, so as to be able to best appreciate the methods we’ll be using to make it straight. Next up, it’s time for a wash: to get fabulous, straight hair, we must shampoo and condition our locks to avoid the oily, greasy, yucky look to the best of our abilities.

Once the washing part is taken care of, we must partially blow dry the hair, using a wide-toothed comb to get rid of all the tangles, if any. When the hair is almost dry, stylists tell us to apply volumizing products, like mousse or volumizing tonic, which will prevent the hair from going limp and will keep the do in place for longer. Up next, with a big, round brush in hand, we must blow dry the hair completely. With swipes going from underneath from roots to tips, while the blow drier follows the movement of the brush and, at the same time, blows over the lock of hair we’re combing, this operation must be performed until all hair is dry.

Only then are we to take the iron to flat iron the hair. Hairstylists can never stress hard enough that, no matter the type of iron we have, or the brand, we should never use it when the hair is moist because, in time, this will have the most unpleasant effects. Hair should be ironed only when completely dry: part it in manageable locks, iron from roots to tips and comb thoroughly after each lock. Once this is also over with, the last step is to apply a spray gloss or a serum to keep the do in place. Moreover, taking the serum with us wherever we may go would also be a great idea, as it would come very in handy for us to retouch our hairdo throughout the day.

Nevertheless, if all this fails, we should not lose hope: there is always the option of going to a beauty parlor and having a professional give us natural looking straight hair that will last for about half a year.


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