Styles for Taller Teen Bodies

Evaluate Your Length
Where exactly in your body does your height come from ? Do you have extra long legs ? Is it in your torso ? Or, maybe you are evenly proportioned, just stretched a little like a rubber band ? Finding where your own true height is located will help make selecting the best tall clothing styles much easier.

In the Legs. If your height is in your legs, then you can wear most anything in regular sizes except your bottoms. For pants, skirts and dresses, you will need to shop for long lengths or from specialty tall departments.

In some cases, you can also adjust the style to fit your length. For example, if you fall in love with a pair of jeans that aren’t available in size “long” you may still be able to wear them as Capri’s instead. If skirts and dresses are your thing, wear some of the mid-length styles like your own version of the mini and simply avoid true mini skirts altogether.

Long leg tips:
- Break up your tall length with a midline distraction. Add a belt, wear contrasting colors top and bottom, or choose outfits that hug more at your waist.
- Watch the height of your shoes. These days, even flip flops have some heel. But, in your case, sticking to the flatter shoes will help balance your height.
In the Torso. If your body is long and your legs are average, this can making shopping for pants a breeze. Where you will run into trouble is trying to find longer tops and sleeve lengths.

Consider utilizing layering tees, as they can help with the length dilemma. Simply find a few longer undershirts to add length to any other favorite tops you find. This will allow you some versatility when shopping. Enabling you to pick your beloved tops and not worry if they are long enough. Luckily, layering and even crop tops are still the trendy style, so you can’t go wrong here.

Additional long torso tips include:
- Balance out your long torso by creating length to your legs with empire waist dresses or tops.
- Sleeves can be tricky. Sticking to short sleeves will make life the easiest, except when winter’s chill hits. For those favorite tops with too short sleeves, add some interest to your wrists to “hide” the short length. Flashy bracelets or a cool watch can be a quick solution.
Evenly Proportionate. Although this sounds ideal, it can be especially hard when hunting for clothes. If your whole body is tall, then you will definitely need to use the tricks above and shop in selected tall teen clothing stores. Luckily, there are a few around.


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