Find a swimsuit that makes your hips look smaller

In order to draw attention away from your hips, try drawing attention toward a more flattering area of your body. For example, accentuate your great bust or sexy shoulders with a V-neck style bikini top in an exciting pattern. An exciting top will naturally draw eyes away from your hips. You should also consider pairing a lighter, more colorful bikini top with a darker bottom. The darker bottom will result in a natural slimming effect and drawing attention toward your shoulders and bust. The best tip for finding a flattering swimsuit bottom is to look for a bottom that sits directly on the hip. Try to avoid a suit that sits too high on the hip, as this type of fit will have a widening effect. Don’t go too extreme, however, and choose a bottom that is cut too low on the leg. This type of cut will have the effect of shortening the legs (never a good feature of an attractive swimsuit). Finally, avoid any features that pare down the waistline (such as a dark waistband). These features will have a widening effect of the hips.


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