Five Tricks for Bridesmaid

Preparing to walk down the aisle as part of the wedding party requires a lot of preparation and planning. Simply picking out a bridesmaid dress can require multiple trips to the bridal salon. To make getting fitted and ready for your wedding day role as a bridesmaid easier, we’ve gathered a few tips every bridesmaid should know.

1. Have the proper undergarments on hand for your fittings. This includes having the strapless bra you plan on wearing underneath the bridesmaid dress so that your gown can be altered accordingly.

2. Do a test run with the complete ensemble to make sure everything fits properly. Trying on undergarments and hose with your gown will ensure you won’t run into any wardrobe difficulties during the ceremony or at the reception.

3. Have more than one spare set of hose on hand during the wedding day. A bridesmaid’s life during the day of the wedding is busy and hectic. It wouldn’t be unusual to find a snag in your pantyhose.

4. Have a touch up kit on hand. Pack it with nail polish, lipstick, and powder to make sure your look is fresh throughout the day.

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