Home made face mask

If you are looking for some great ideas for some great inexpensive face masks then you have come to the place. There are so many home remedies that work better then the store bought expensive brands. Give any one of these a try you will see and feel the difference. This is a great experiment to try, it is plain old Mayonnaise, using whole egg mayo, apply directly to your face and leave on for about 20 minutes then rinse off with cool water. Your skin will feel great.

The next face mask may seem a little strange, it is Peach and Brandy, mash up a peach, it could be fresh or canned and then mix in a tablespoon of brandy. Let is sit for 20 minutes and then simply rinse off. You will have smoother skin in no time. You can use this mask a couple of times a week.
The Tomato Mask, this treatment is used for oil skin, take a tomato and mash it up and simply apply to the skin for about 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water not hot. It will take away the oil that is in your skin.

This face mask has been proven to work it is the Banana Mask. Using a very ripe banana and add enough honey to make a mixture. You can apply to the hair as well as the face. This mash is created to help firm up the skin. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off.

The Honey Mask is very popular as well. Using pure honey right from the bottle, apply to the neck and facial area. Let it dry which usually takes about 15 minutes and the rinse with warm water.

To wash the dry skin never use the tap water, but mineral water should be used. Dry skin needs extra care. It should not be cleansed with a cloth of rough texture but it needs smooth care.
Do not use highly alkaline soaps and detergents like washing sodas and powders which contain highly alkaline and drying ingredients.

Prepare a mixture by adding 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon orange juice,1 teaspoon olive oil and ,few drops of rose water, few drops of lime juice. Apply this mixture on the face every morning 15 minutes before taking your bath

Prepare a mixture by adding 1 egg ,1 teaspoon of honey, 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and few drops of rose water and use this as a mask. This is an effective home remedy for dry skin care.
Once a week take a milk bath. It will nourish and smoothen your skin.

For dry and chapped lips the best remedy is to massage them with a little cream of milk to which a few drops each of rose water and lime juice has been added every night before going to bed.
Eat a balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, and nuts. Eat quality protein from vegetable sources. Increase your intake of raw foods.

Eat foods such as garlic, onions, eggs, and asparagus that are high in sulfur, which helps to keep the skin smooth and youthful.

Sufficient sleep is also an effective means to get rid of dry skin as the skin's cellular repair activity is at its highest during the resting phase.

Exercise is also important to maintain healthy skin as it boosts circulation and encourages blood flow. Regular exercise will nourish and cleanse your skin from within.

Avoid overheated rooms; avoid sudden changes in temperature; protect yourself from wind and sun.

Blend together well 1 teaspoon green clay powder and 1 teaspoon raw honey. Apply the mixture to your face, avoiding the eye area. Leave it on for fifteen minutes, then wash well with lukewarm water.

Do not smoke. Smoking has a harmful effect on the skin.

Do not use very hot water when bathing or showering.

Apply aloe Vera gel topically on affected areas. It helps to remove dead skin cells. Aloe Vera is soothing, healing, and moisturizing

Cantaloupes, carrots and apricots are essential foods for dry skin treatment because they are rich in the vitamins A and C, both important for a smooth skin.

Avoid fried foods, animal fats, and heat-processed vegetable oils. Do not drink soft drinks or eat sugar, chocolate, potato chips, or other junk foods.

Mash a ripe banana with a fork and spread it thickly onto the face and throat. Leave on for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash with lukewarm water.

Mash half an avocado and mix with a few drops of fresh lemon juice and spread over the cleansed skin. Leave on for fifteen to twenty minutes, and then remove the excess with a soft tissue. Wash the skin alternately with cold and warm water.

Apply cucumber juice everyday to the face to protect it from the sun.

Apply malai to your face daily in the morning and wash off after ten minutes.

Prepare a mixture of besan and curd. Scrub your face with this mixture gently and wash off.
Almond and grape seed oil are the best oils for the dry skin.

Always use a moisturizer during the day. Use upward, circular motion to lightly massage the moisturizer into your face. Make sure not to pull or tug your skin.

Take 1/4 of an apple. Peel off the skin and grate. Cool in the refrigerator. Apply it on the skin and leave it on for 15 minutes. Wash off with cool water. Apple helps soothe dry skin and gives it a pleasant glow.

Soak khus khus (poppy seeds) overnight. Grind it with just enough milk to make a paste. Apply on your face. Once it dries, wash with cold water.

Mix 2-5 tablespoons of raw peanuts with milk and make a paste. Add ¼ teaspoon of honey to it. Apply on your face. Leave to dry. Then wash with cold water and pat dry.

Mix one teaspoon of malai , a pinch of turmeric and four to five drops of olive oil and make a paste. Apply on your face, leave to dry. Wash with cold water and pat dry.

Another home remedy for dry skin treatment is - Mix 3-4 tablespoons of Multani mitti (Fuller's Earth) with 8-10 ground pudina (mint) leaves. Freeze the pack overnight. Keep outside for 10-15 minutes and then apply on your face. After 10-15 minutes, wash off and pat dry.

Drink 12 to14 glasses of water everyday.


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