Improve finger nail growth

Whether we admit it or not we do care about how we look....even down to our fingernails. That is obvious as nail salons can be found virtually everywhere. But many of us prefer a natural look as opposed to the artificial nails that are commonly applied in those salons.

There are many reasons for this, first there have been some health concerns associated with acrylic nails, and secondly, the maintenance can get expensive. So if we choose to stick with our natural nails we must get them in shape if they are to be attractive.

Getting them in shape requires much more than simply filing, smoothing and applying polish. A very common complaint from women is that their nails grow too slowly or that they are brittle and that results in breakage and splitting.

Before we go any further I think we should explore some basic facts related to nails.
1) Your fingernails grow two to three times faster than toenails
2) Nails on the dominate hand grow faster than the non-dominate
3) Nails on longer fingers grow faster than on shorter ones
4) Nails grow faster in warmer climates
5) Fingernails often grow much faster when you are combating an illness such as the flu
6) Men's nails grow faster than women's
7) The faster nail growth occurs during the ages of 10 to 14

Simply from that information we can deduct several things. First of all we know that because the nails grow faster on the dominate hand that the reason must have something to do with the increased activity of that hand. Yes it does, the fact that movement increases the blood flow means that the dominate hand is receiving more of all the good things on a more regular basis. One can deduct then that hand exercises can improve the circulation of the non-dominate hand and result in a faster nail growth.

Because we know that nails grow faster in warmer climates we can be sure that they also grow faster in summer months. But even if the growth itself is enhanced, if the nails are brittle or damaged, the result will be the same, a hand with unattractive nails.

There is a booming market for remedies to such problems. One can start with simple techniques such as applying lotion or creams on and around the nail. Some people swear by the use of Nox gelatin tablets or powder.

We know that a poor diet can result in slow nail growth so obviously it is wise to eat healthily. Be sure to include vitamins and supplements such as Vitamin E. Biotin supplements are also available. The essentially help your body to process the foods you eat.

Traditionally Biotin has been used to treat damaged horse hooves. This B complex vitamin has been found to increase nail growth up to 25% in women with problem nails.

But perhaps the simplest way to deal with slow nail growth or brittle nails is to use one of the many over the counter products made specifically for hardening nails. You can check anyplace that sells nail care related products and you will find a selection from which to choose.

With the many options available we can all have beautiful long nails !


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