Popular Womens Scarves

Don't you agree that wool scarves are what make fall and winter months special ? Aaah, I love cozying up my neck with warm knit scarves.

If you already have the solid-colored plain ones, look for unusual or trendy wool scarves like: Crochet, ribbed wool with or without tassles.

You can find wool scarves in high quality fabric like alpaca wool or lambs wool; it's luxuriously, lightweight yet warm.

The fabric feels soft and luxurious on your skin. The most popular pashmina fabric are woven of 70% pashmina and 30% silk which give an elegant sheen and it drapes nicely around your neck.

Pashminas are available in different embroidered designs and every color possible. You can also find pashminas with simple details as well.

The ethnic design blends fabulously well with most styles. Wear it if you want to add a boho chic feel to your look.

Paisley is an oriental pattern motif shaped like a teardrop, rounded at one end with a curving point at the other. If you take notice, you can see many abstract Indian and oriental designs inside of the teardrop shapes.

You can find different types of silk scarves in affordable prices, so there is always something for everyone. Great for that elegant and smart chic look!

There are so many reasons to why silk scarves are known as a luxury thing. The way the soft and supple fabric caresses your skin, the unique radiance and gleam, the hypoallergicness.

A plaid scarf will add a cool and trendy touch your outfits.

Since I'm against stripping animals for fur, I highly recommend faux fur. Yeah, it may not be the real thing but atleast you won't have anti-fur people giving you angry stares! Fur scarves are great for that extra glam and luxury for less.

I have one myself. It adds a vintagey feeling to your outfits. And it looks cute too!

It will give a casual edge to smart workwear. And a punch of rockability! The skull print trend started a few years ago but doesn't seem to end either.

Another "edgy" scarf is the leopard print scarf which has been spotted on trendy celebs like Nicole Richie, Ashley Olsen, Eliza Dushku, Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria. It's the perfect add-on when you want to go from "cute" to "oooh".

Tips on Buying Fashion Scarves
- If you're buying multi colored scarves, make sure to pick ones that each pick up the color of the outfit
- Since you'll be wearing them near your face, buy scarves that complement your hair, eye and skin color


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