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Want long luscious locks but don't want to wait years for your hair to grow ? We help you work out which hair extensions are right for you.

Great Lengths hair extensions
Application: Attached to the natural hair with a patented keratin bond that the brand claims mimics your hair's molecular structure.
Removal: In salon-only. They're dissolved with a removal solution that promises not to damage your hair's natural cuticle.
Made from: It's 100 percent natural hair, available in 40 natural shades and 14 fashion colours.
Care factor: Be as cautious with blasting heat as you would with your natural hair. A Great Lengths soft-bristle brush is recommended to avoid tangling.
Cuts and colours: You can safely colour them with a semi-permanent or chemical-free highlights or lowlights.
Lasts: Two to three months and up to six if you use the Great Lengths home-care shampoos and conditioners.
You'll love them because: The cuticles are aligned in the same direction as your real hair so they're harder to detect (Paris Hilton, take note).
Cost: Highlights from $200-$350; half-head from $500-$700; full-head from $1000-$1400. Prices vary between salons.
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Cinderella hair extensions
Application: A low-temperature bond applicator is used to attach each extension (25 strands of already-bonded hair) to your real hair.
Removal: In-salon only. A bond-removing solution is used to remove them without leaving residue on your real hair.
Made from: Human hair, but there's also a more budget-friendly synthetic Profibre option.
Care factor: Heat (including blow-dryers, curling tongs and straighteners) can be used on the human hair extensions, but not the Profibre extensions.
Cuts and colours: The human hair extensions can be cut and coloured but there are 65 shades to choose from, so you're likely to find the right one for you. Profibre extensions can't be cut or coloured.
Lasts: Three months if you treat them well (the human hair extensions may last longer).
You'll love them because: They offer a wide variety of colours and textures to match your hair (silky straight or body wave).
Cost: From $200.
More info: Schwarzkopf Professional, 1800 624 000.

Original Diva
Application: Original Diva Clip-On Inserts are clip-on extensions with a non-slip rubber grip. Original Diva Permanent Inserts use a Teflon-coated micro-ring that attaches a soft keratin tipped hair extension to the client's hair shaft.
Removal: The clip-ons simply "pop" out, while the permanent micro-rings are "squeezed" off.
Made from: 100 percent human hair.
Cuts and colours: Cut and colour with semi-permanents; straighten and curl as you would your normal hair.
Lasts: Around one year, but professionals recommend Original Diva permanent inserts be removed and reapplied every eight weeks.
You'll love them because: The "flare" technology means the base of the hair extensions puff out slightly and blend more naturally into your own hair.
Cost: From $10.95 for each clip-on strand and from $7.70 for each permanent strand.
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Headlines Hairpieces
Application: In-salon only for an exact colour match and to learn how to fit and remove these clip-on extensions yourself.
Removal: Just unclip and you're done!
Made from: It's 100 percent real hair.
Care factor: Treat it like your own hair — don't blast with too much heat and wash out styling products the following day. Let them dry naturally if you can.
Cuts and colours: Brand claims to be able to match 80 percent of hair colours, but you can colour them if you wish. They come in a variety of lengths (30cm-50cm).
Lasts: At least 12 months but, if you're good to them, they could last years.
You'll love them because: You can change your look daily. They even do a clip-on fringe. They're also really popular with Australian celebs.
Cost: Volumisers from $182-$231; Extended Layer for thick hair from $289-$339; add-ons, such as a fringe from $150-$192; and Cubes for adding volume to ponytails from $80-$103.
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Hairdo Salon Clip-In hair
Application: Super easy they clip in and out.
Removal: Just like a regular hair accessory — you just unclip them.
Made from: It's 100 percent human hair. If you're on a budget, you can choose the Vibralite 50:50 human hair/synthetic extensions, which come in multi-tone shades.
Care factor: Take them out when you sleep and don't bombard the extensions with styling products or heat.
Cuts and colours: The 100 percent human hair extensions can be coloured, but Vibralite extensions come either curly or straight and cannot be restyled.
Lasts: Years, as long as you care for them well. Xtensions Moisturising Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner promises to extend the life of your Hairdo extensions.
You'll love them because: They're created by Jessica Simpson's hair stylist, Ken Paves (and who wouldn't want her locks?!). You can choose between wavy extensions (available in 16 shades) or straight extensions (available in multi-tone shades).
Cost: Hairdo Vibralite extensions from $159.95 to $179.95; 100 percent human hair extensions from $549.
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Vani-T Gloss Natural Clip-In Hair Extensions
Application: The manufacturers of Vani-T Gloss Natural Clip-In Hair Extensions claim the extensions provide instant length and volume with 100 percent human hair. Extensions are held in place with snap-lock clips with a non-slip grip for firm hold.
Removal: Simply unclip and remove easily yourself; it only takes a few minutes. Wear them as often or as little as you like.
Made from: 100 percent human hair.
Cuts and colours: May be coloured with semi-permanents; cut, straightened and curled as you would your natural hair.
Lasts: Several years, so long as you care for them just like you would your own hair.
You'll love them because: They're lightweight and easy to use, and adored by many celebs.
Cost: $350 for a set of five clip-in pieces.
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Anonymous said…
Hair Extensions have increased in popularity across the world over the past 5 years. With top celebrities in USA and Europe now opening talking about how they use hair extensions the product is now accepted as an acceptable and even required beauty aid in the fashion and movie circles; hair extensions are HOT!

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Fetamy John said… do you buy preview in locks extensions?
For this display I bought a 6 feet weft of locks from Sue Elegance Provide. I then cut the weft to fit the style, Brooke's, head and made the parts to segments. Sally's provides all the resources required to do this, or you can buy a locks expansion system that already has the segments connected to wefts willing to place in your locks.

I decided a shade that carefully equalled my Brooke's pitch-dark locks shade. It's worth noting that large does not have to go with exactly. Your organic locks shade will combination with the extensions. A associate at the shop can help you choose a shade that will enhance your organic shade. I suggest status in sunlight when buying a shade, as synthetic lighting can modify large of the locks extensions.

Natural or synthetic locks can be selected for the extensions. Natural locks can be cleaned and curled like your locks, while synthetic locks can not be moved by warm.
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Nicole Evans said…
If you are anything like me you change your hair style as often as your mood. I've gone from short pixie cuts that looked awesome, to super long & sheik, and everywhere in between. I've tried heaps of products, dyes and extensions over the years and recently came across a site that took the cake information wise on hair dyes & the steps involved in applying high lights and lowlights to ones hair.

Here's the link to their colouring informational page -

The information and videos were super informative. I hope you find it helpful. They also have a huge range of microloops, clip ins & heaps of colours to choose from too. Check them out!

hair extensions said…

Many a celebrity have been using Yaki Hair Extensions for a long time and whether it’s a short hair extension or a long hair extension makes no difference because they both exhibit the same message. Uniqueness, one of a kind looks are precious in situations where you want to make an impact to either your customers or to the media. Movie star icons know all about this and now the word is out. Anyone can now enjoy the fame that hair extensions can give you.

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