Straighten Curly Hair

- The top styles start with a great base begin with a good haricut that is well maintained. Treat your hair right by using only quality shampoos, conditioners and finishing products.

- Hair should be clean before styling. Thoroughly rinse out all hair conditioning products for best results. Blow or towel dry your hair (see Damp-to-Dry instructions).

- ALWAYS DETANGLE and section hair before using the InStyler.
- Section and clip your top layers of hair. Sections should be 2" to 3" wide and never wider than the cylinder. Always make sure to start with the InStyler fully heated to the desired temperature setting, with the rotation on. Start with the bottom layers working from back to front, then work on the top layers.

- Repeat through the hair as needed to create your desired style. Do not repeat excessively on the same section of hair for extended periods of time. Keep the InStyler moving through your hair as you style.

- When styling is complete, push the On/Off button until the unit turns off. Allow the InStyler to cool before storing.


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