Wet Hair Look

1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner then rinse.
2. Squeeze out excess water, or use a towel to dry your hair.After this, your hair will have "curls"
3. Take about a teaspoon of conditioner and apply it to your hair, massaging it in. Apply more conditioner if needed.

1. If your hair is naturally straight, and you are going for the curly wet look, after applying the conditioner, do not comb or brush your hair.
2. Remember to leave the conditioner in your hair for about 10 -20 seconds before washing it off. 3. This goes with bleached and dyed hair. If you do it sooner most of the time your hair gets messed up.

1. Make sure you squeeze out all excess water, or lightly towel dry your hair as leaving it soaking wet will wet the clothes you are wearing, leaving an ugly mark on them.
2. If you have thick hair, it will take the whole day at school to dry on its own.


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