Makeup Palettes

For one, someone does the work of choosing creative color combinations for me. Oh this eyeshadow looks good with this gloss? Great! These shadows look great with this base? Fantastic! This really makes for more quality time in applying makeup, rather than it being a race to finish before being interrupted.

I also love that I can take my palette with me when heading out for the day (or night if I am lucky). No need to pack separate powders, lipsticks, etc. It’s all in one easy to carry case. Makes life easy, no ?

One palette that caught my eye is by Pop Beauty. They make eye shadow palettes based on your eye color. I have hazel eyes, so Pop Beauty Eye Class for Green Eyes is perfect. I also love their Naturally Popette palette, which includes colors for eyes, lips and cheeks.

Hard Candy has an ultra cute makeup palette that opens to resemble a makeup train. It’s a tri-level makeup palette with eyeliners, blushes, shawdows, glosses, mini mascara and makeup applicators. They can fit ALL of that into a palette ?!


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