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Green eyes makeup

One of the first things to consider about your eye color is the darkness of it. There are various shades of green that you may have. The darker your eye color is, the most subtle your make up can be. If you like a dark, stunning eye make up, select darker color combinations. If you like your make up to be barely noticeable, then go for lighter shades.

Consider starting with a peach color for your eyeshadow. Peach can be darker or lighter, depending on your specific needs. Place it on the eye lid to start. Next, add a light brown over the top of the peach. Be very light with this color as it is just to enhance the peach and define the eye. You can also change this up with a little hit of rose colors that will further define the peach.

But, that is not all of the make up that you can use or should use for your green eyes. Next is the eyeliner. Most experts recommend using eye liner that is the same shade as your eyes. Depending on the deep color of your eye, select the right eyeliner. Con…

How to makeup our eye shapes

Each of the three physical eye shapes , they are almond, oval, and round, can be beautiful, but if the shape is strongly defined, you can maximize the beauty of the eye with various eye makeup tricks. For example, although almond eyes are considered a very pleasing shape, a narrow almond can make eyes appear small, and while round eyes often have the advantage of appearing large, the horizontal width can make them appear disproportionate.

Fortunately, eye makeup can create a design to maximize the beauty of your eyes !

Almond Eyes, This eye shape is characterized by an upswept outer corner. Many women with this eye shape want to increase the depth and intensity of their eyes, so experiment with eyeliner as a bold sweep on the upper lid, neutral colors lining under the eye, and upper and lower liner in various shades. To help almond eyes appear larger, limit liner to the outer portion of the top lid. To make almond eyes appear more round, stop liner before the outer corner of the eye, or…

Electric Shaver vs. Blade Shaving

Properly used, most electric shavers can give you a shave that is every bit as close as, if not closer than a shave obtained from a blade razor. Why is this possible ? An electric shaver rolls up the skin ahead of the whisker, forcing the whisker up above what would be considered the skin line, where it is then cut off. You might think of this as shaving your whisker off below the skin line, since the whiskers are forced up before they are sheared off. Every time you shave with a manual razor you actually take off a very thin layer of skin.

This can be a problem with people who have difficulty healing or even dangerous with people who are on blood thinning medication. This situation can be difficult with seniors who have wrinkled skin. Seniors may also have an unsteady hand making it possible to have nicks and cuts. With electric shaving, you are shaving at or below the skin line, without actually shaving the skin. When shaving with a blade there is replacement scar tissue that the bod…

Use a goodnight cream daily !

Going to bed with night cream on your face can benefit your skin in many ways while you are sleeping. Night creams contain special ingredients like vitamins and anti-ageing components. In fact, these creams can also be thicker and more intensive than ordinary daily moisturizer because you don’t need to apply makeup on the top of them.

How Night cream benefits your skin ?
The cell renewal of skin is more active in the night and night creams are designed in such a way to make the most of these hours. Using a night cream daily gives your skin the chance to repair the damage caused by makeup, air pollution and ultra-violet sun rays. Night creams are particularly beneficial for dry and very dry skin type when used daily. Choose the formulation carefully on the basis of how dry your skin is – it is important that your skin should not feel overloaded.

Dab a little night cream in your palm and then gently rub your both hands together. This way the cream is more easily absorbed. Applying night cr…

Shampoos and conditioners for your hair type

Shampoo is meant to remove dirt, sebum (a.k.a. oils), and product buildup from your hair. But there are dozens of different brands to choose from, and even more types within those brands. The same goes for conditioners. Conditioners are meant to add shine, protect hair from drying out and allow for easier combing. Here, we run down the best shampoos and conditioners for four different hair types.

1. Coarse, curly hair Curly hair is almost always dry hair and here’s why: Oils produced in the scalp don’t travel as easily down the hair shaft as they do with straight hair. We've found creamy, moisturizing shampoos work best for this hair texture. Look for wheat germ oil, shea butter and nut oils (macadamia, for example) in your shampoos. These tend to coat the hair shaft, trapping water inside.

Conditioners: More than any other hair type, women with coarse, curly hair must condition every time they shampoo. Look for an ultra moisturizing conditioner made especially for coarse hair. Once…

Make Your Face Look Slimmer

1. Purchase two shades of blush, one of a deeper shade and one that's lighter. To ensure the shades go together, purchase a compact with two coordinating shades.

2. Apply your usual foundation make-up or powder to cover any imperfections and even out your skin tone.
3. Apply the lighter shade of blush in circular motions onto the apples of your cheeks... how are you to find them apples ? Just smile !
4. Next, following the line of your cheekbones, apply a sheer sweep of the deeper shade of blush.
Blend, blend and blend. The key with this trick is to create dimension, but you do not want a very obvious demarcation between your natural cheek color and the blush (i.e. think racer stripes !).
5. Sweep a small amount of the lighter shade across your nose and/or forehead as desired to add an extra "glow" to your complexion.

6. Don't forget to blend. The first couple of times I tried this, I ended up with a stripe of dark blush over the light blush !
7. Check out your handiwork i…

Eyeshadow for blue eyes and blonde hair.

For blue eyes and blond hair the best looking eyeshadow colors are violets and lavenders or neutral tones. Use the violet on the lid and in the crease of the eyelid. Use the lighter color lavender above the crease to the eyebrow bone for a dramatic night look. Use natural colors for daytime. Eyeshadow recommendation for blue eyes and blond hair, Natural tones for day and purple hue's for night!

10 easy steps to to get the natural look

Step 1, Apply a concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation. Dot it on over any blemishes or under-eye circles and blend with your fingertips or a makeup sponge. If your concealer tends to cake, apply eye cream first.

Step 2, Choose foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. Apply it in dots over the central part of your face, then blend it out with a makeup sponge or your fingertips until it covers your entire face (see Related eHows).

Step 3,Use a loose or pressed powder to keep foundation and concealer on longer. Use pressed powder to touch up when you're away from home.

Step 4, Do your eyebrows next. Use powdered eyebrow shadow on brows instead of pencil, which can often look unnatural. Apply it with a hard, slanted brush.

Step 5, Choose three colors of eye shadow: light, medium and dark. Use the dark only to line your upper eyelid, in a fairly thin line along the upper lashes. Use the medium shade for the crease and the lightest shade for the area under the eyeb…

15 Mascara Tricks and Tips

1. Ace your mascara application with a three-step process :
A. Wiggle the wand left to right at the base of lashes. It's the mascara placed near the roots, not the tips.. that gives the illusion of length.
B. Pull the wand up and through lashes, wiggling as you go.
C. In this final step, close the eye and place the mascara wand on top of lashes at the base and pull through to remove any clumps.

2. How to use a lash comb. For some, lash combs are simply too fussy. But for some makeup artists, they're a great invention and keep lashes glob-free and perfectly separated.
So how to use ? Apply mascara at the lash base. Then wiggle the lash comb through to the tips of your lashes. Not into the lash comb ? Get rid of clumbs without them by removing excess mascara from the wand. Wipe wand on tissue, this eliminates blobs before you start.

3. Try a spoolie (a clean mascara wand). Sweep a clean, fresh mascara wand through lashes when they're wet. Don't worry, you don't have to bu…

Vaginal discharge and infection

Many factors can play a role in the occurrence of vaginal infections and discharge. What can you do to reduce your risk of vaginal infections? Practicing these simple tips significantly reduces your risk of getting a vaginal infection:

1. Always wear white cotton panties. Cotton allows your genital area to breath, helping the vaginal are to stay dry. It's also a good idea to wear panties only during the day and not at night when you are sleeping.

2. Don't use vaginal douches.

3. Never use petroleum jelly or oils for vaginal lubrication. This can create a breeding ground for bacteria to grow.

4. If you are being treated for a vaginal infection, use all the medication as directed even if you think you are better.

5. Don’t have sexual intercourse during treatment for a vaginal infection and until you have no more symptoms.

6. Avoid vaginal contact with products that can irritate the vagina such as feminine hygiene products, perfumed or deodorant soaps, powders, lotions, and bubble bath…

Face moisturizer tips

As a general rule, we should never, ever let our skin get too dry. When we get flaky, patchy skin it can lead to dark spots that take forever to go away So ladies, keep your facial skin hydrated and happy using the best moisturizer. Of course, if your cleanser leaves your skin feeling moist and supple, or if you have very oily skin, you can pretty much call it a day after you cleanse. If not, listen up!

First Things First

The skin on your face is delicate - it is not like the skin on your body. So, the way you apply body lotion does not fly when we are talking about moisturizer. I would not go so far as to call it an art, but there is a certain level of technique involved.

1 . Apply moisturizer when your face is still damp from cleansing. This will prevent the water from evaporating.

2. Dab it on with the pads of your fingers.

3. Gently massage in the moisturizer with upward strokes . Do not rub, tug, or pull!

Find the Right Moisturizer for your skin type

Moisturizer for Oily Skin
Unless you…

15 Tips for dry skin

1. Take food which contains little amount of oils and cheese

2. Mix 2-3 drops of rose water in 2 tbsp. of cream on the top of milk and massage to your face and wash with warm water after 20 min.

3. Take egg yellow mix 3 tbsp. of cream on the top of milk and apply to face wait till it dries and wash with basin flour. Don’t apply around the eye.

4. Take very ripe banana and massage with mashed banana for 5 min. and wait for 15 min then wash your face with warm water.

5. Mix 2 drops of honey in cream on the top of milk and massage that to your face and neck and after 1 hr take shower with warm water.

6. To avoid dryness in skin use milk. Because milk contains moisturizer. Take a tbsp. of milk and apply to face and neck and take shower with warm or cold water every day.

7. If you are out of home it’s not possible to do all these right. So…. Here is a tip… add 10-12 drops of coconut oil in your bathing water or apply coconut oil to your body and take bath.

8. Use moisturizing lotions.

9. Apply col…

What to wear for a job interview

More than fifty percent of another person's perception of you is based on how you look and therefore your appearance is crucial to making a good impression. Pay particular attention to your shoes. Managers, especially those who have been in the military, can determine a lot by looking at your shoes.

What to wear for a job interview has to be researched by doing a good job interview preparation. These tips can guide you but are not applicable in all situations.

General tips on what to wear for a job interview for both man and women:

- Be conservative. Conservative is best for the interview regardless of the dress code at the organization.
- If you're unsure, call them and ask! Do not ask the HR manager. Asking the receptionist or an
- HR assistant is easier. If you are still unsure, go for a conservative look.
- Well-groomed hair style.
- Clean, trimmed finger nails.
- Minimal cologne or perfume.
- No visible body piercing.
- No gum, candy or cigarettes.
- Wear one ring and limited jewell…