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Lightening hair with bleach

Bleaching is a process done to make hair lighter. Choosing to bleach hair is a daring decision has once hair are bleached there is no way you can go back to the original hair color. At the maximum what you can do is, dye your hair again to the color similar of your original hair. Here are guidelines to bleach hair at home.

Preparing the mixture

-> Generally instructions are written on the kit. Read them carefully.
->To prepare the mixture start with adding little hydrogen peroxide (provided in the kit) to the powder bleach.
-> Stir it well. Then add some more peroxide. Make sure that you do not add lot of it. This little by little mixing is essential for good result.
->Make sure that it is neither too runny nor too thick.
-> Tightly close the bleach powder after use. It should not come in contact with air or else it will become less influential.

Applying the bleach

-> First prepare yourself for the bleaching. Wear your plastic gloves and tie a towel on your neck that you do…

Eyebrows waxed

From creating fabulous eyebrows that frame your beautiful eyes to removing stray hair or peachfuzz from any other part of the face, waxing is a great solution for unwanted hair. Waxing appointments don't take long (less than 30 minutes) and typical results last 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the client and the area treated. And while waxing does not remove hair permanently, you will notice that hair re-growth is diminished after several waxing sessions plus it costs less than other treatments such as electrolysis or laser hair removal. We offer a selection of the finest waxes available from around the world for even the most sensitive skin types.

Waxing removes unwanted hair from the follicle. Waxing can be applied very precisely so that brows can be shaped quickly rather than the long and tedious removal of each hair from tweezing. Because the hair is removed from the follicle instead of shaved off, the hair is soft as it grows back preventing any unwanted "stubble" feel.


Lip Balms & Lip Gloss

Lip Balms
Lips go through a bad time during cold and dry months. They have a real tough time coping with the worst climatic conditions. Dry chapped lips, which are the result of lack of moisture in the skin, lead to embarrassment and frustration. It is here that lip balms come to rescue. They help in keeping the skin moisturized and thus, pave way for smooth soft lips that draw attention. Read on to know more about the benefit of lip balm.

There is an abundance of chapstick lip balms in the market. But, not all the lip balms are advantageous for the lip skin cells. There are distinctive kinds of lip balms hitting the market such as petroleum-based lip balm, the major ingredient of which is petroleum jelly. It is not a very effective lip balm, as it provides a temporary relief. It doesn't really aid in augmenting the moisture absorbing capacity of the skin.

A great alternative to petroleum based lip balm is the lip balm that uses shea butter as one of its main ingredients. Shea butter…

Mineral Makeup

A "new" makeup discovery that's been around for 30 years is taking the cosmetics, fashion and film industries by storm. Mineral makeup is the latest addition to an emerging beauty culture dedicated to better living. Unlike traditional products, mineral makeup, which is based on a hypoallergenic loose powder that naturally nourishes the skin, contains no perfumes, talc, alcohol, dyes, mineral oil or preservatives. Not surprisingly, dermatologists are pleased.

We asked two mineral makeup producers Diane Ranger, who created Colorescience, and Dianne York Goldman of the La Jolla Spa MD, who created DYG Mineral Makeup why makeup artists say it's the best kind of makeup for your skin.

Good for sensitive skin. "Lots of women struggle with acne, allergies, dryness and clogged pores from unfriendly commercial makeup," Ranger says. "Mineral makeup lets you enhance skin care with positive beauty choices, not create more problems."

Doesn't feel like a mask. …

Acne tips

Being a teen is tough enough without having to worry about your face breaking out ! Don't feel alone if you're a teen suffering from acne. Remember Britney Spears speaking about the acne solution, ProActive, that she uses ? Even pop super stars can't run from breakouts !

Think you might have acne ? Here are some warning signs to look for:

Frequent breakouts, cysts (pimples that form deep under your skin), many white heads, black heads, redness in the skin, inflammation and scarring.

Let's zero in on the two types of acne. The first is "comedonal acne" which is recognized as acne with many white heads, black heads and pimples.

The second type, "inflammatory acne," deals with painful and inflamed cysts or pimples. This type of acne is sore to the touch and is often red in color.

Despite popular myths, acne is not caused by chocolate, greasy foods or dirt. A pore-clogging bacteria that lives on your skin causes acne.

Teens are usually culprits of acne becaus…

Optimum Growth using Nourish Hair

Nourishing hair for a long period of time often is considered good for the well being of the hair. They do not provide several side effects on account of use of products that could be harmful to the skin and the surface of the head. However, use of cheap quality product could reduce the status of the hair to poor and very poor leading to plenty of problems. If the hair loses its density, there will be tremendous fall of hair, splitting of hair and rapid hair loss. Sometimes rapid hair loss could lead to balding.

In instances, prior to set in of the bald conditions, formation of flakes and generation of dandruff could pose a major problem. There are several products that overcome all these problems, but a majority of them contain chemical compositions that could be harmful to the skin. Instead of helping in overcoming the problem, the products might aggravate the situation. Though hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners containing natural ingredients such as herbs are also …