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The Unmade Bed Look

What this means is not necessarily that you don’t make your bed, but that you allow the layers of your bedding to show in some way. Allowing the details of the sheets to informally peek out from a coverlet or fold over a quilt is simply more inviting and welcoming than covering it all up with a bedspread. Not only does the bed look like it is ready to crawl back into (good idea), but it is not so stiff and formal that it feels untouchable.

Showing the layers, including pillows and pillow shams, gives you the opportunity to showcase your personal style through the pieces you have selected.

Conversely, the details you like in bedding provide clues to your style personality.
Do you like ruffly sheets? Flowered ones? Striped top sheets and solid bottom sheets? Or all matching yellow sheets? Bright or pastels? Are you drawn to fluffy down blankets or do you prefer coverlets ? Stiff pillows or squishy ones? Lots of pillows or few pillows?

Each detail reveals something about you. Even if you are…

Home remedies for treating sunburn

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is commonly used to treat sunburn. As well as providing soothing relief, it may also assist in the healing process. Apply to the affected areas as needed. You can actually squeeze out your own gel from an aloe vera plant ! But otherwise, get bottled aloe vera gel from a health food store or aloe vera cream from a pharmacy.

Increase your fluid intake to ensure you adequately re hydrate your body for optimum recovery and health.

Charme Misting device
There is nothing more healing and soothing for immediate and long term relief for sunburn. This fresh acidic water spray helps the skin to immediately heal and repair the damage of sunburn. It’s to your advantage to have one of these units ready to go.

Black Tea Compress
Make a pot of boiling water and steep many tea bags to a very strong tea in a large pot. Add ice until the tea is just slightly warm. Put a bath towel into the pot and keep turning the towel until it has soaked up all of the tea (one that you won’t care…