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Eye Lash Tips

Wiggle, Wiggle
Mascara belongs on your lashes, not the brush. When applying, gently wiggle the brush from side to side (instead of up and down) as you work your way from root to tip. The extra movement provides a thicker coat.
Aim High
For a larger-than-life, wide-eyed look, apply mascara to the top lashes only.
Natural Curl
For a natural looking curl with an eyelash curler, give a couple good squeezes, once close to the eyelid, and then a second squeeze closer toward the tip.
Thick and Luxurious
For thick, luxurious lashes, apply two coats of MAC Prep + Prime Lash. For best results, allow it to dry between each coat.
Great Separation
For great separation with a light touch, try applying mascara with a MAC 204 Lash Brush. It’s a great tool for the job.

Anime Eyes
To give your eyes a rounder appearance, concentrate mascara in the center of both the top and bottom lashes.
Wide, Wide World
And to widen the eyes, use more mascara at the outside corners of each lash (the ends closer to your e…

Find a swimsuit that makes your hips look smaller

In order to draw attention away from your hips, try drawing attention toward a more flattering area of your body. For example, accentuate your great bust or sexy shoulders with a V-neck style bikini top in an exciting pattern. An exciting top will naturally draw eyes away from your hips. You should also consider pairing a lighter, more colorful bikini top with a darker bottom. The darker bottom will result in a natural slimming effect and drawing attention toward your shoulders and bust. The best tip for finding a flattering swimsuit bottom is to look for a bottom that sits directly on the hip. Try to avoid a suit that sits too high on the hip, as this type of fit will have a widening effect. Don’t go too extreme, however, and choose a bottom that is cut too low on the leg. This type of cut will have the effect of shortening the legs (never a good feature of an attractive swimsuit). Finally, avoid any features that pare down the waistline (such as a dark waistband). These features wil…

Eyelash Growth

Eyelashes are like every other hair on your body. They have a specific growth cycle that keeps them growing regularly. Like each other hair, they will grow to a specific length and then stop. Although most do not realize it, all of the hair on your body will replace itself every few years with new hair, including your eyelashes.

Understanding Eyelash Growth
There are a few things to realize about eyelashes. For example, consider the fact that each hair on your body has a specific length that it will grow to. Even the hair on your head will stop growing at a specific length. That is why not many people have hair that grows past their middle backs. Your eyelashes are a prime subject to consider for this. It is rare to find very long eyelashes that would cover your eyes! Still, some people have longer lashes than others. It’s all about the genetics!

Eyelashes Regrow
How do eyelashes regrow, then? When your eye lash falls out or you pluck it out, it will grow back. The eyelash growth cycle t…

Cheap Natural Dry Skin Care Tips For Dry And Damaged Skin

Dry skin can be due to a genetic condition but it's not common. If you break out on the skin around your eyes, it could be the shellac in your mascara; buy a shellac free mascara like Ecco Bella's. Dry skin can be caused by a deficiency of vitamin A, systemic illness, overexposure to sunlight or some medications.

Dry skin can also be a sign of an underactive thyroid. Serious skin complications, including a dry skin condition, can arise for people with type 2 diabetes. Environmental factors, such as exposure to sun, wind, cold, chemicals, or cosmetics, or excessive bathing with harsh soaps, can cause dry skin. Damaged skin can occur from many different causes; the sun being one of the most common causes.

It's especially important for people with dry skin, damaged skin, or acne to eat foods high in omega-3's. Eat an avocado every day, put it in your salad or mash it up and eat it with a spoon. Eat high-fiber snacks like raw nuts, raw seeds, fresh fruit or dried fruit like…

Cream rinse

Cream rinse, often simply referred to as conditioner, is a hair care product that is designed to make your hair softer and more manageable. Applying conditioner is the next step after shampooing your hair. Cream rinse can be purchased from discount stores, department stores, specialty shops, or beauty salons. Salon quality products can be substantially more expensive than other brands due to the company’s added advertising costs. However, these products often contain added ingredients that will make it easier to style your hair. If you’ve tried cheaper brands and been unsatisfied with the results, purchasing a salon quality cream rinse may be a worthwhile investment.

When choosing a conditioner, remember that cream rinse should be matched to your hair type while shampoo should be matched to your scalp type. Conditioner made for normal hair is best for people with healthy hair that shows no signs of damage. Volumizing cream rinse is a good choice for people with fine, limp hair. If your…

Natural Hair Gel

In 5 minutes you can make yourself a homemade natural hair gel that will give you smooth, wonderful hair. There are natural beauty treatments that you can rely on to take care of your hair.

Ingredients of Natural Hair Gel

To make natural hair gel you need:
- ½ tsp gelatin
- Warm water
How to use Natural Hair Gel
- Dissolve the gelatin in warm water.
- If you need more gelatin to reach the desired consistency, then add more gelatin to it.
- Add a few drops of essential oil for fragrance (optional).
- Your easy to use natural hair gel is ready.
- Store the gel in a refrigerator and use it whenever you want to.
Tips for using Natural Hair Gel - Use this homemade hair gel just like you would use any other hair gel.
- Rub the gel in between your palms and apply to hair.
- Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb for even distribution of gel.
- Style your hair as you wish to.
- If you want to revitalize the gel in your hair simply rub wet hands onto your hair and through them.
Style your hair in all th…