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Hair extensions

Want long luscious locks but don't want to wait years for your hair to grow ? We help you work out which hair extensions are right for you.

Great Lengths hair extensions
Application: Attached to the natural hair with a patented keratin bond that the brand claims mimics your hair's molecular structure.
Removal: In salon-only. They're dissolved with a removal solution that promises not to damage your hair's natural cuticle.
Made from: It's 100 percent natural hair, available in 40 natural shades and 14 fashion colours.
Care factor: Be as cautious with blasting heat as you would with your natural hair. A Great Lengths soft-bristle brush is recommended to avoid tangling.
Cuts and colours: You can safely colour them with a semi-permanent or chemical-free highlights or lowlights.
Lasts: Two to three months and up to six if you use the Great Lengths home-care shampoos and conditioners.
You'll love them because: The cuticles are aligned in the same direction as your real hair…

Wet Hair Look

1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner then rinse.
2. Squeeze out excess water, or use a towel to dry your hair.After this, your hair will have "curls"
3. Take about a teaspoon of conditioner and apply it to your hair, massaging it in. Apply more conditioner if needed.

1. If your hair is naturally straight, and you are going for the curly wet look, after applying the conditioner, do not comb or brush your hair.
2. Remember to leave the conditioner in your hair for about 10 -20 seconds before washing it off. 3. This goes with bleached and dyed hair. If you do it sooner most of the time your hair gets messed up.

1. Make sure you squeeze out all excess water, or lightly towel dry your hair as leaving it soaking wet will wet the clothes you are wearing, leaving an ugly mark on them.
2. If you have thick hair, it will take the whole day at school to dry on its own.

Your Own Body Spray

You can save a lot of money on body sprays by creating your own at home. The benefits to making your own body spray, other than saving money, include having complete control over the ingredients you use. You will know exactly what you are putting on your skin. This is especially helpful for anyone who suffers from allergies. Some commercial body sprays and perfumes have artificial colors and dyes, which can trigger reactions in those of us prone to allergies. Read on to learn how to make your own body spray.

1. Purchase ingredients to use for your body spray. Distilled water can be found in most supermarkets. Essential oils and other natural fragrances can be ordered online.

2. Prepare your fragrances. If you are making rose scented spray from fresh rose petals, for instance, blanch them with distilled water and then let them sit for a while. Filter the petals and pour the water, when cooled, into the glass spray bottle. If you are not using any flowers or herbs in the formula and are o…