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Perfect Big Hair

I refer to the technique as "backcombing", mainly because of the familiarity of the term. In actuality, I rarely ever use a comb. A small brush works far better (not one with knobules at the end of the bristles).

The tool I've used in these photos is specifically for backbrushing and updo styling (that's where the pointed tail on the end comes in handy). Great tool to have.

1. Start with a small (about 1 inch thick) triangular section at the front of your crown right where you want the part to end and the hair to start moving back.

If you're looking for volume right from the front hairline, then take your first section there and, in both cases...

Direct it forward so the section is about 45° from the scalp, and comb the hair down to the root in short, deep strokes. Only work in the bottom 2 or 3 inches.

Hold the section firmly near the ends so as not to pull down too much, which results in bulky, tangled clumps at the root and thin ends to display the unsightly mess p…