Ouchh.... heat damage my hair

Hair is central to the aspect of your beauty, and yes it requires treatment to keep it looking great. These days, everyone has turn out to be quite fashion sensitive, and wish their hair to appear ideal, which is why, they try out various hair styles. Various hair styling equipment for example hair dryers, hair straighteners, curling tongs, or rollers may cause heat damage to your hair.

The busy life today, do not allow people to have enough time to let their hair dry naturally, so use of blow dryers has become common. Another reason for the excessive use of styling tools is that people wish to change their look often, and experiment with different hairstyles. Therefore, people with straight hair use curling tongs, while those with curly hair use straighteners. Use of heat styling tools strips your hair of essential moisture, and leads to dryness, and split ends.

If you want to keep your hair from being damaged, then you should be following precautionary measures. It is very important that you should let your hair dry naturally, and avoid the use of hair dryer, as much as possible. It is not that you are always in a rush, there are times when you stay are staying at home; therefore, you should wash your hair at such a time, so you can let them dry naturally.

It is important to invest in good quality styling tools that provide protection, and do the least damage to your hair. There are many straighteners made of materials such as Teflon, which protect hair from damage. Similarly, ionic hairdryers are also available that release negative charges to seal in moisture.

Thirdly, spend some money on high quality shampoos, and conditioners, which are specially designed for use with heat hair styling. These products have nutrients, which are heat activated, and they protect hair when you go for heat hairstyle. Also, use heat protective serums before you go for heat hairstyle, as they also protect the hair shaft, and make it less susceptible to damage. Do not opt for heat hairstyle while your hairs are wet, as they are more prone to damage then.

If you are a regular user of styling tools, then you should take time out to pamper your hair. Invest in high-end, and good quality deep conditioning treatments, and use them once a week, this will ensure that your hair remains in top condition. There are many hot oil treatments, and conditioners available in the market that can strengthen your hair, and seal the hair follicles.

Lastly, it is important to understand that heat damage is not just caused by styling devices; the sun is also a major source of heat causing damage to the hair. Before going into the sun, it is better to apply a product that has UV protection, and can shield the hair from the damaging sunrays.

An individual becomes dependent on these hair styling equipments. These are without a doubt the greatest thing to present the perfect hairstyle as an emergency tool. You can utilize this equipment, but attempt to avoid repeated use to keep your hair healthy, and beautiful


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